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Online self-help program wins the “Alfred” prize of the best “solution focused therapy” initiative in Flanders

Written on 5 September 2018, door Dr. Paul Koeck
Paul Koeck, MD, of the online self-help program, received the yearly Alfred prize from the « Flemish Union of Specialists in the Solution focused cognitive and systematic therapy, Pedagogy, and Coaching », abbreviated to the VVDO. The internet program helps hundreds of people every day with Burnout, Stress, Depression, or Anxiety to treat their issues themselves in a solution focused way, through 15 minutes per day of online self-help. A first study has shown... Read more...

The online self-help program wins the “Alfred” award for the best “solution focused therapy” initiative in Flanders.

Written on , door Dr. Paul Koeck
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The online self-help program wins the "Alfred" award for the best "solution focused therapy" initiative in Flanders. Paul Koeck, MD from the online self-help program '' received the yearly 'Alfred' award yesterday from the « Flemish Union of Specialists in solution focused cognitive and systematic therapy, Nurturing and Coaching », abbreviated to the VVDO. The internet program '' helps hundreds of people with burnout, depression, stress, or anxiety... Read more...

Depression? How do you treat depression symptoms?

Written on 3 July 2017, door Mijn Kwartier
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Depression is one of the most well-known mental illnesses worldwide. Furthermore, the illness occurs in all castes of the population as well as in all cultures. Despite that, there still are many prejudices around the disease and many people can often not say more about depression than that it has to do with a sad mood. This article has the goal of describing the most common symptoms of depression, and to also explain some treatment forms of depression. At the bottom of the article you will even... Read more...

Anxiety? Symptoms, treatment, and test

Written on 30 June 2017, door Mijn Kwartier
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Anxiety has changed its meaning throughout the history of mankind in a severe way. First, anxiety was a tool to help you, to warn against dangerous situations. For example, if you were to come eye to eye with a dangerous animal or an attacker, you would have to dodge them. Anxiety prepares the body to either flee faster, or fight back better, thanks to the chemical reaction which our body puts into motion as a consequence of an anxiety signal in the brain. Nowadays, anxiety is something different... Read more...

Dealing with depression? Symptoms, treatment and test

Written on 1 March 2017, door Mijn Kwartier
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Depression is one of the most commonly occurring mental illnesses worldwide. Because of the depression symptoms it can often take a long time before you look for professional help, a step which is correct and useful in many cases. It furthermore often is difficult to put a finger on what it is that is happening to you exactly. In many cases, people do not really know that they suffer from a depression, they only know that something is not right. To help you in your search for professional help,... Read more...

Self-confidence? How do you build up your self-confidence?

Written on , door Mijn Kwartier
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Self-confidence is a broad concept. This can mean something different for everyone and is often measured at the hand of different parameters by different people. Previous experiences can affect your self-confidence or your self-esteem. This can even date back to when you were very young and be based on the most rudimentary relationship in your life, namely the one with your parents. In many cases, puberty also has a large influence on your self-confidence, since this is a period which has a large... Read more...

Are panic attacks an anxiety disorder or a form of stress?

Written on 11 January 2017, door Dr. Paul Koeck
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How do I know I am having a panic attack? Panic attacks are moments of intense fear or an unpleasant feeling which comes on very suddenly, combined with several of the following symptoms or signs: heart palpitations or a faster than normal heartbeat, trembling or shaking, an uncomfortable feeling or ache in the chest area stomach issues or nausea dizziness, a feeling of light-headedness or fainting fear of losing control or going mad fear of dying numb tingling sensations,... Read more...

Stress and fatigue? How are stress and fatigue linked?

Written on , door Mijn Kwartier
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Do you sleep poorly? Do you notice that you are becoming more forgetful? Are you irritated? Then you might be fatigued. Fatigue is caused by a long stressful period or major event which causes that you can no longer optimally relax. Furthermore, people with fatigue issues have problems with performing on the same level as they usually do. Stress and fatigue are thus linked to each other in many different ways. Stress can namely add a lot to the development of fatigue. You are worrying, your body... Read more...

Sleeping problems? Causes, treatment, and test sleeping problems!

Written on 9 January 2017, door Mijn Kwartier
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Difficulties falling asleep? Nightmares? Do you often wake up in the middle of the night? Then you possibly suffer from sleeping problems. Sleeping problems can be caused by many different factors, but can even end up becoming a worse problem. For example, sleeping problems can lead to depression, burnout and fatigue. In many cases, sleeping problems lie at the basis of the aforementioned mental issues and worse as the mental problem worsens. It thus often starts small, but symptoms can build up and intensify... Read more...

Anxiety disorder? How an anxiety disorder is passed forward!

Written on 6 January 2017, door Mijn Kwartier
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Anxiety, can it be passed forward? For example, from parents to children? Can anxiety be learned or is it rather something biological? An anxiety disorder is a response to an unrealistic anxiety, in which case the person is often aware that his anxiety is unrealistic. Despite the anxiety response not being needed, it is still difficult to say where the anxiety comes from, why you respond in such a way and, most of all, how you can break out of the vicious circle of an anxiety disorder. Anxiety... Read more...