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Fatigue test? Symptoms, treatment and fatigue test!

Written on 4 January 2017, door Mijn Kwartier
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What is fatigue? How is fatigue developed? Why do you suffer from fatigue? Fatigue seems to affect us all at some point. It creeps into our lives and can often be present for a long time before it disappears. During a fatigue period you notice that you are different from usual, but what exactly is different in your person, mood, functioning? It is often difficult to put a finger on these changes. Step 1: fatigue test! Test your fatigue! A useful first step to understanding your fatigue is the testing... Read more...

Migraine symptoms? Origin and treatment

Written on 2 January 2017, door Mijn Kwartier
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Migraine is a type of headache which generally occurs on one side of the head. It is an illness of the brain, which occurs more often in women than in men. During an attack you can experience different symptoms. These migraine symptoms can also differ from person to person. Extreme headache Fatigue One-sided physical paralysis Nausea Aching muscles Affected basic functions such as attention Oversensitivity for stimuli Critics are not yet entirely certain what exactly causes... Read more...

Exhausted? Symptoms, treatment and exhaustion test!

Written on 30 December 2016, door Mijn Kwartier
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Forgetfulness? Moodswings? Concentration problems? Often it starts small, but being exhausted can have a large influence on your life after a while. Exhaustion is often expressed by a combination of several symptoms. These symptoms can be both physical and mental. Just like symptoms of being exhausted can differ a lot, the causes and consequences of exhaustion can also be very different from each other. Thus, just because two persons are exhausted, it does not mean that they experience the same... Read more...

Anxiety? How to deal with the vicious cycle of anxiety?

Written on 28 December 2016, door Mijn Kwartier
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Anxiety has existed since the dawn of time. It warns humans in dangerous times with the goal of helping us to survive. Thanks to this instinct, our predecessors often knew how to get out of dangerous situations, and they could more quickly and more efficiently adopt certain behavior compared to what they normally could. Anxiety either helps you to prepare to fight, to stay completely still, or to run like the wind. This can be good in case you suddenly find yourself face to face with a bear or when... Read more...

Stress? How does stress influence your life?

Written on 5 December 2016, door Mijn Kwartier
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Stress can affect your life severely and in many different ways. For example, stress can affect your physical and psychological health, which means that these can deteriorate quickly. Furthermore, stress can lead to more severe problems such as depression and burnout. Stress: the influence on your body? While you would think that stress is something psychological, it can most definitely have a large influence on your body. First of all, stress frequently leads to muscle tension. This muscle tension... Read more...

Fatigued? Test your symptoms of being fatigued here!

Written on , door Mijn Kwartier
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Have you just gone through a stressful time? Are you tired? Do you often seem to forget small things? Then it might be so that you are fatigued. Being fatigued is not something that is easy to realize. It often creeps into your life, without you really noticing it. Being fatigued most often occurs after a difficult, stressful period of time in your life. This might be having moved, changing jobs,... But also big events can lie at the basis of being fatigued. For example, a divorce can lead to symptoms... Read more...

Worrying? Symptoms, treatment, and test!

Written on , door Mijn Kwartier
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You are worrying when you keep thinking about the same thing for a long time without finding a solution. It can either be caused by mental issues such as depression, anxiety, and even stress, or can make it so that the symptoms accumulate until such disorders are formed. Worrying can be severely damaging for your mental wellbeing and thus plays a part in many mental disorders. What are the symptoms of worrying? When you worry, you are often mentally very tired. Because your mind keeps rummaging... Read more...

Sleeping during summer? Tips against sleep trouble during heat!

Written on 2 December 2016, door Mijn Kwartier
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Recently, our country was hit by a heatwave. Some people find this easier to cope with than others. However, what we do notice is that mainly inhabitants of the northern countries find it difficult to deal with heatwaves or to perform on the same level during heat. Except for performance, sleep is another facet which is often influenced by heat. You can namely suffer from sleeping trouble during these warmer months. This has to do with several factors. First of all, it is light for longer, meaning... Read more...

Fatigue? Symptoms and treatment of fatigue!

Written on 25 September 2016, door Mijn Kwartier
Fatigue? Do you think you might be fatigued? It is not always easy to recognize the symptoms of fatigue. Especially at the start they quietly enter your life, being difficult to notice. It often is only after a long time, when the symptoms start to become more severe and accumulate, that you notice that you have not been yourself for quite some time. Fatigue? What are the symptoms of fatigue? As mentioned above, the symptoms of fatigue tend to slip into your life. Oftentimes it starts with sleeping... Read more...

Depression? How certain mental health issues are passed on from generation to generation.

Written on , door Mijn Kwartier
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Despite mental problems, including depression, becoming more and more normalized as conversational subjects, many people are still embarrassed about the fact that they suffer or have suffered from depression. It can even be so that you feel like you need to start making up excuses after a while because you are absent for a long time, people think you act weird... Anything to avoid having to admit that you have the 'taboo illness which is in your head'. Another phenomenon which often occurs in depression,... Read more...