Exhausted? Symptoms, treatment and exhaustion test!
Forgetfulness? Moodswings? Concentration problems? Often it starts small, but being exhausted can have a large influence on your life after a while. Exhaustion is often expressed by a combination of several symptoms. These symptoms can be both physical... Lees verder

Anxiety? How to deal with the vicious cycle of anxiety?
Anxiety has existed since the dawn of time. It warns humans in dangerous times with the goal of helping us to survive. Thanks to this instinct, our predecessors often knew how to get out of dangerous situations, and they could more quickly and more efficiently... Lees verder

Stress? How does stress influence your life?
Stress can affect your life severely and in many different ways. For example, stress can affect your physical and psychological health, which means that these can deteriorate quickly. Furthermore, stress can lead to more severe problems such as depression... Lees verder

Fatigued? Test your symptoms of being fatigued here!
Have you just gone through a stressful time? Are you tired? Do you often seem to forget small things? Then it might be so that you are fatigued. Being fatigued is not something that is easy to realize. It often creeps into your life, without you really... Lees verder

Worrying? Symptoms, treatment, and test!
You are worrying when you keep thinking about the same thing for a long time without finding a solution. It can either be caused by mental issues such as depression, anxiety, and even stress, or can make it so that the symptoms accumulate until such disorders... Lees verder

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