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Simple solutions for depression

Written on 29 May 2015, door Dr. Paul Koeck
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The depression of Joris His mother sat in my waiting room while Joris told his story. Joris was 15 at the time. School had not been going well for several months. He could no longer focus. He was worrying all day or was absentminded. Joris no longer saw the use of anything. Joris was unmistakably depressed. I listened to his story, asked what he did in school and what he was doing. After half an hour of listening I heard a small spark. Something in his voice let me know that this was important... Read more...

Assertively setting boundaries

Written on , door Dr. Paul Koeck
In my practice as a doctor and stress counselor, I often work with people with psychosomatic complaints such as headache, migraine, eczema, irritable bowel syndrome, back aches, or even epilepsy. While doing so, an interesting phenomenon caught my eye. After the patient had taken a large step into the right direction, I would almost always hear the following during our next meeting, and then often in the last minute of the conversation: 'Doctor, there was something which I wanted to tell you.' 'Yes?',... Read more...

Chronic fatigue: Life-sentence or solvable?

Written on 20 April 2015, door Dr. Paul Koeck
There she sat. Tired, exhausted, empty, with no home. her husband took her to my practise by car because she could not walk the 200 meters from the tram stop to me. Even that was too much. Marianne was an administrative employee in a multinational, until she suddenly 'broke' on her 37th. Then the long path of 10 years of invalidity started, because her body was exhausted and could not do anything anymore. That is what it seemed like. It could be seen in her empty, fatigued look. Her voice sounded... Read more...

I want to leave something behind which outlives me (Article in Psyche & Brain)

Written on 19 April 2015, door Dr. Paul Koeck
Article in the monthly magazine "Psyche & Brain" (April 2012) How does someone come up with the daring idea to offer online therapy? We asked this question to the initiator Paul Koeck, MD, who turned out to be a man with a plan. What gave you the idea to start with online self-help? Koeck: In the end, it all goes back to some dreams I had in my early years. Around my fifteenth I became fascinated with the question of how people change. This was a case of personal interest in how people are put together,... Read more...

Self-confidence. The key to success?

Written on 18 April 2015, door Dr. Paul Koeck
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Self-confidence is the absolute first choice people make when they start working on the program. About a quarter of all participants want to build up their self-confidence, and this is logical. Psychologists have known for a long time that self-confidence is the key to success of any good therapy. A good program will therefore make sure that one re-gains their self-confidence to find their own solutions to any problem. Whether one is considering a program to treat a major depression, an alcohol... Read more...

Free from addiction through new habits

Written on , door Dr. Paul Koeck
The word 'addiction' is poorly chosen, as it suggests that addiction is an 'illness'. This mistake is made because we describe a process or certain behaviors and choices with a noun. Language-wise we thus make a mistake, because this way we make a dynamic process into a static and unchangeable given. What are the results of this wrongful choice of word? In diverse branches of medicine, we handle the same strategy. For example, we refer to the process of the breaking of a bone with 'fracture' or 'bone... Read more...