Company License

Company License

Companies, organisations and employers can now offer '15Minutes4Me' to their employees or customers as part of their stress prevention policy. The self-help programme '15Minutes4Me' helps your employees both preventively to help prevent stress or burn-out, and 'curatively' to help your employee get out of the vicious circle of stress.

"15Minutes4Me" for your employees or customers?

Scientific research shows that employees who follow this programme daily have on average 56% less stress after 21 days. This means that more than half of the participants are symptom-free after 21 days and function normally again, both privately and professionally, even if the stress was already severe at the start. As an employer, you can purchase a bundle of user licences for your employees or customers. After purchase and payment you will immediately receive your electronic invoice + the activation codes that you give to your employee, so that he can immediately follow the program.

Our bundles:
  • Package of 10 codes for 3 months each
  • Package of 10 codes for 3 months access each
  • Package of 1 code for 50 users with 3 months of access each *

* The advantage of one unique activation code that can be activated 50 times, is the anonymity of the user because in this formula the company makes this unique code available to its employees and does not supervise who uses this offer, only the number of activation codes used.

F.A.Q. (Frequently asked questions)

In none of the above formulas is there any reporting to the employer, so it is clear that the employer wants to help his employees unconditionally, without scoring points in the form of statistics with governments, social partners or other parties. The employer can only see how many activation codes were used and how many are still available for other employees. The mission of "15Minutes4Me" is to really help employees and therefore indirectly the return for the company, but without automatic reporting, because we consider confidentiality and medical confidentiality our highest ethical value. We want to help all companies that consider this ethics as high as we do ourselves. On the shop floor, it quickly becomes clear when a participant is more positive, satisfied and calm and provides a higher added value to his team or company. A weekly evolution report with progress graphs is sent to the participant for personal use. The participant can choose to share and discuss this evolution report with his own doctor within the framework of medical confidentiality. This report is not intended for the employer because of its confidential nature. The advantage for the employer is that he will have happier and stress-free employees who - according to a method that has been statistically proven on scientific research - commit themselves with more love, dedication and gratitude to their team, company or organisation. The advantage for the employee is that, thanks to this investment, he will live and work more satisfactorily for his employer, with less stress, and thus also prevent the consequences of stress. The employee chooses himself, or in consultation with his employer, whether he does the daily '15Minutes4Me' session of 15 minutes at home or in the workplace.

Results scientific research

A study on more than 5,000 participants shows that more than half of the participants are stress free in 21 days due to an average decrease of 56% in their stress scores in 21 days. Go to for more results and information.

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