Experiences with online self help

Experiences about online counselling

Participants in the program will discover in a few weeks time which solution will help them to enjoy life again. For each participant the solution looks completely different, but mostly they are about the little things in life.

Frans V., founder and manager of his own company:

Through these exercises I have learned to reflect on myself. When I feel stress coming up now, I breathe in deeply, pause for half a minute and repackage again by doing one of these exercises. In the meantime I have discussed the principles with my employees and some of them are already applying them. And I am amazed at how well the customers react to them. They feel more attention and time and their customer satisfaction has increased, where before I was afraid I would neglect them, by listening more to my body.

Marianne K., an exam stress student, did not believe she would pass her exams. After this program, she testifies:

These techniques have helped me. I resigned myself to the fact that not everything could be perfect, and with the time I had finished the most important things. I passed my exams. So this certainly helped!

Dora V., mother of Thomas:

I was looking for a program to change my behaviour and my habits ... A few weeks after starting this program, I had a very difficult time at school with my son, because he was bullied, making me think I was going to explode because normally my reaction would be to get very angry and react very impulsive ... I was able to have a conversation in a very quiet way, so they also gave me a reaction ... the behaviour of the teacher and the director was very different because my behaviour was different, and it has actually become a very successful conversation, so I went home with a super good feeling ...

Maria B., housewife:

I clearly feel an evolution because I am very supported by this program. It is a real learning program in which you gradually make progress through the commitment you enter into and your willingness to learn. This cannot be done without the techniques and the structure that are offered.

Anita F., executive secretary:

This session has given me insight about what happens in my body during stress (peaks). If I can recognize and want to see the signals of my body, I can also understand where the fear comes from. In this way I can tackle the cause and reduce my stress. The realization that this will bring a lot of effect, is there. It will be a whole process, of which I am aware. Sincere thanks for this opportunity!

Kathleen, manager in a multinational, tells after her burn-out

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Dr. Eric Boydens, GP and Burnout expert, talks about how his patients experience this self-help program.

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Some literal phrases from the daily online answers of a number of participants:

Feedback about the program:

  • I felt a personal contact during these online sessions.
  • This program gives me structure in my mind as opposed to my natural tendency to worry. Now I think focused and I come forward.
  • You can no longer walk away from yourself, the construction of the questions obliges you to think and reflect.
  • These questions make me think more "precisely" about myself and I come to more focused solutions.
  • I am excited to have found my own enthusiasm.
  • This program requires a clear commitment from myself, I can't ignore it now.
  • I don't need much to make the click.
  • Great program. The layout is simple and user friendly.

Some answers to the question "What was most helpful to you today in this program?

Feedback from the program:

  • observe the three moments when my stress today was a little less
  • write down my goals in life
  • useful to see afterwards whether my goals are being achieved, or whether I have shifted my goals
  • make me think and make unique choices (only 1 main priority etc.)
  • interesting to hear some theory how it all works
  • repetition until it becomes an automatism
  • synthesizing where I see change
  • set my priority for tomorrow

Some answers to the question "What have you successfully done, achieved or learned this week by following this program?

Feedback from the program:

  • do not react too impulsive and too personal
  • I have more satisfaction with small things and good ability to put things into perspective
  • used to have very bad monday blues again and again, now still sometimes but can quickly put me down to it
  • I can bring myself better to rest in stress situations, numerous concrete examples at work and during education with one's daughter
  • I speak to people today with more self-confidence: both people "behind the cash register in a stupid shop" and people at work.
  • finishing day tasks in a much quieter way
  • less skeptical - more listening
  • I have had a positive mood all day long and made others laugh a few times.
  • ...

(1) These quotes are literally taken from or translated from the answers that participants wrote during the online program, but without name to respect privacy and anonymity. This explains why sentences are not grammatically correct. You notice that some participants focus more on private goals, others more on professional goals. Most of the choices or solutions that participants mention here are solutions that were not suggested by the program but that they discovered themselves through the process of self-reflection that we initiate. You will find that solutions that work for one person are totally unattractive for someone else. that is why we help participants to identify their own solutions and choices themselves.

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