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’15Minutes4Me.com’ on TEDx


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Dr. Paul Koeck op TV OOST:


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Radio Interview: Ik neem je mee: The Double op EenVandaag


‘Mes15Minutes.com’ sur TV Lyon


‘Mes15Minutes.com’ sur Le Monde Pharmaceutique


Press articles

  • Online self-help program 15minutes4me.com wins the “Alfred” prize of the best “solution focused therapy” initiative in Flanders
  • The online self-help program 15Minutes4Me.com wins the “Alfred” award for the best “solution focused therapy” initiative in Flanders.
  • Online self-help as a solution for waiting lists?
  • ’15 Minutes 4 me’ taken up in the international literature
  • How can 15 Minutes 4 Me help against stress?
  • Stress, burnout, depression, anxiety solving with 15 Minutes 4 Me – Article in Profiel, Partena
  • Online self-help program for depression, stress, anxiety, burnout – Article in SJIEK
  • Burnout? 50% less stress, anxiety, or depression and rid of your symptoms in 3 weeks of online self-help program “15Minutes4Me.com”.
  • Burnout treated differently with 15 Minutes 4 Me – Article Goed Gevoel
  • ’15 minutes 4 me’ taken up in international literature. Article in Medisfeer
  • Online self-help program against depression, stress, anxiety, burnout – Article in SJIEK
  • Is Kathy Pauwels cured from Burnout? Interview with Paul Koeck, MD in ‘Dag Allemaal’
  • Help yourself with 15Minutes4Me.com – Online article Partena
  • Online therapy is not a gadget, it helps – Article in de Standaard
  • Doctor Google – How trustworthy is online medical care? (Article in Vitaya)
  • Burnout, stress, anxiety, or depression: overcoming it with online self-help: interview with Paul Koeck, MD, on Radio 1
  • Paul Koeck, MD, in radio interview on ‘Charisma’ on Radio EenVandaag
  • Radio interview burnout and bore-out
  • Interview on ATV after 1 year 15 Minutes 4 Me
  • TV Interview with Paul Koeck, MD, stress specialist and founder of 15 Minutes 4 Me.
  • Burnout? Treatment! Article in Randstand
  • Fifteen minutes of self-reflection per day reduces complaints like stress, depression, burnout
  • Online self-help program wins award
  • Type Click Cry: De Weekend Standaard writes about internet therapy
  • Online therapy helps! Fifteen minutes per day made me a new human being (Article in Feeling)
  • Fifteen minutes online per day and your stress disappears (Article in De Standaard)
  • 15Minutes4Me.com: online self-help program for stress, anxiety, depression, burnout
  • A month on the cyber-couch (Article in Psyche&Brain)
  • Online self-help reduces stress by 77% (Article in De Artsenkrant)
  • Strained, exhausted, burnt out: Burnout (Article in Libelle)