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The online self-help program 15Minutes4Me.com wins the “Alfred” award for the best “solution focused therapy” initiative in Flanders.

Paul Koeck, MD from the online self-help program ‘15Minutes4Me.com‘ received the yearly ‘Alfred‘ award yesterday from the « Flemish Union of Specialists in solution focused cognitive and systematic therapy, Nurturing and Coaching », abbreviated to the VVDO.
The internet program ’15Minutes4Me.com’ helps hundreds of people with burnout, depression, stress, or anxiety every day to help them treat their problem in a solution focused way with 15 minutes of online self-help per day. From a first study it has been shown that participants have an average of 77% reduced stress after one month, and 40% more life joy.
15 Minutes 4 Me reduces the step which people need to take who cannot get to a therapist, are on a waiting list, or are worried about having to tell their entire story to a therapist. Other patients use this type of internet therapy to support their guidance from their doctor or therapist. 15 Minutes per day in order to improve your life quality is for many people a simple, small step, and motivating type of healthcare provision.
Paul Koeck, MD: “our ultimate dream is to help millions of people to live in a happier and more solution focused way, by helping them to help themselves”
15Minutes4Me.com received this price because it brings self-help and therapy closer to the people and makes the step which they need to take smaller. When handing over the award, Luc Isebaert, MD, said “I think that Paul Koeck, MD, deserves this award with 15Minutes4Me.com because he managed to do what the founder of solution focused therapy, Steve De Shazer, dreamed of in the nineties but was never able to realize: the development of a solution focused computer program which helps people as efficiently as real psychotherapy does”
The VVDO awards this award every year to the most accomplished solution focused help provision project in Flanders. Last year in 2012, this award went to VZW Touché. In 2013, this honor went to 15Minutes4Me.com. The ‘Alfred 2013’ was awarded on Saturday, the 16th of November 2013 in the historic Brugge, at the yearly general convention.

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Press message from the 17th of October 2013 by the VVDO, the Flemish Union of Specialists in the Solution focused cognitive and systematic therapy, Nurturing and Coaching.