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What result can I expect?
The average stress reduction during programme following is 27% after one week, 37% after two weeks and 57% after three weeks.
What does this mean in practice?
After a few weeks you will notice that you will be more optimistic and energetic, that you will think in a more solution-oriented way and that you will be able to deal with difficulties differently. You will also generally notice that you will be less tense. You will be better able to put things into perspective and find solutions for them. Eventually you will be told by your surroundings that you react differently to certain things.
How does the online self-help program work?
The program offers you:
  1. Daily 15 minutes personalized self-help online
  2. Weekly videos with explanations, theory and tips by a doctor
  3. Weekly new practical exercises
  4. Weekly short and simple tasks
  5. Weekly charts of your progress
  6. Weekly evaluation with report to your doctor
  7. Weekly support of a support figure, if you want: family, partner, friend...
How do I start?
  1. Register now with this form
  2. Paying by PayPal, credit card or bank transfer
  3. Login via the link in the email you will receive
  4. Follow the program every day for 15 minutes until you feel good and satisfied.

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