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Cognitive behavioral therapy: what is it?

Written on 17 December 2015, door Mijn Kwartier
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In psychology, there are different types of therapy which therapists base themselves on. Everyone knows the type where you lie down in a sofa and have a therapist sitting behind you. Therapy and its different types are complex things, for which education is nearly needed even before you can tell them apart. But how do you know what type is best for you? What does most for you in your specific situation? In this article, we will shortly try to explain what cognitive behavioral therapy entails! Cognitive... Read more...

Hyperventilation and anxiety treatment with internet therapy or an online self-help program

Written on 24 September 2015, door Dr. Paul Koeck
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It has been raining questions about hyperventilation and other anxiety disorders these last few months. Sometimes it seems like an epidemic. It suddenly comes up and people keep walking around with questions as if there were a rational reason as to why you would start experiencing hyperventilation. There of course is a medical explanation. And luckily there nowadays are very good and simple solutions for this. Simple from the standpoint of the doctor. This of course does not mean that the patient... Read more...

Online self-help program for depression, stress, anxiety, burnout – Article in SJIEK

Written on 8 July 2015, door Dr. Paul Koeck
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15 Minutes 4 Me An online program which takes 15 minutes time out of my day and in return promises me a more balanced and happier life. Special. Because when I think of a coach, I think of Marc Wilmots, or a muscular guy who lets me do 100 sit-ups with a whip in his hand. Upside down and next to each other. But this coaching is different: mental coaching, focused on my general wellbeing. What? 15 Minutes 4 Me is an online self-help program which guides people in self-reflection, where fifteen... Read more...