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Can stress through worrying kill?

Written on 28 June 2015, door Dr. Paul Koeck
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Last week I partook in a two-da symposium regarding suicide prevention. I share only important conclusions with you which stood out to me. From research by the Dutch professor Ad Kerkhof, it has shown that people in suicide tend not to have death as their goal. Continue reading. When studying why someone tried to commit suicide, 2 surprising main reasons were found: 78% of the people who attempted suicide gave the reason that "The situation was so unbearable that I did not know what... Read more...

Agoraphobia: what therapy treats it?

Written on 31 May 2015, door Dr. Paul Koeck
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Lately, agoraphobia has become an issue which has become more and more common in medical practises. For some it takes shape in not daring to drive a car on highways. For others, walking into open spaces or public places is the problem, and yet another group of people find it difficult to reach the doctor because they hardly dare to leave their own house. Other people again visit to their doctor with complaints of hyperventilation or even anxiety attacks. What is Agoraphobia? Agoraphobia is, first... Read more...

What is cognitive behavioral therapy in the treatment of stress?

Written on 25 May 2015, door Dr. Paul Koeck
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Cognitive behavioral therapy was developed by the psychologist Aaron Beck, and around the same time psychologist Albert Ellis developed a similar method called Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy or REBT. The latter is also called RET or Rational Emotive Therapy. Cognitive behavioral therapy is abbreviated to CBT. What is cognitive behavioral therapy? Cognitive behavioral therapy assumes that most psychological problems are caused by the 'thoughts' of a person. In short: What you think, causes... Read more...

Love lessons by Albert Ellis

Written on 17 April 2015, door Dr. Paul Koeck
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I met the cognitive behavioral therapist Albert Ellis for the first time in 1993, 20 years ago now. The man impressed me with his overwhelmingly to-the-point therapy style. In his practice in New York, he met with a patients every 20 minutes and, yes, he was extremely efficient and therapeutic. When you attended one of his sessions, you first would think that he is just scolding the patient, but that is not true. Ellis was very empathetic. He unmasked the irrational thoughts of his patients in a humoristic... Read more...

Solving fear of fear as therapy for panic attacks

Written on 11 March 2015, door Dr. Paul Koeck
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Solving fear of fear as therapy for panic attacks is the most important pillar in treatment of anxiety and panic. Anxiety: solving it There are simple self-help techniques to gain control over anxiety and thereby solve the problem. Surprisingly, many people who have learned to solve the anxiety, stay worried. Even though they do no longer have anxiety or can easily reduce their anxiety, many continue to be restless. Fear of fear We call this unrest "fear of fear". They no longer have anything... Read more...