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Fatigue? Consequences of fatigue

Written on 7 December 2015, door Mijn Kwartier
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Like many illnesses in the psychological world, fatigue is something which will often not disappear on its own. This means that, if you do not treat your fatigued feeling, chances that you feel better on your own after a while are little. A fatigued feeling can namely lead to worse things if you do not treat it. Read more here about the consequences of fatigue, and how you can treat your fatigued feeling. Consequences of fatigue? Fatigue has a major link to stress and depression. Fatigue can namely... Read more...

Why is sleep so important?

Written on 21 November 2015, door Mijn Kwartier
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Sleep recovers our natural flora, both physically as well as psychologically. But how, exactly, does this happen? We know that sleep is important for our general functioning, but what function does it have in stress? How can sleep help with stress? This article explains the link between stress and the different stages of sleep. The REM-phase and stress: why is it important? Sleep consists of 4 stages, of which the REM sleep is the phase which comes after the deep sleep. Despite the fact that it comes... Read more...

Can stress lead to a depression?

Written on 2 November 2015, door Mijn Kwartier
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Everyone knows about stress and has suffered from stress. Stress is not always unhealthy. It can also help us to become more productive or effective. Unfortunately, stress does not influence everyone in such a positive way. We suffer from headaches issues focusing, we no longer sleep well,... In short, stress is no fun! But what if stress is present for extended periods of time and dominates our lives? Can it have severe consequences? This article describes what the possibilities are that stress... Read more...

Stress and burnout: what is the difference?

Written on 10 October 2015, door Mijn Kwartier
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Stress is a very common problem in our modern-day society. Everyone suffers from it sometimes. But stress is not always as innocent as it seems. Sometimes stress can be positive, namely by getting us to get more done, but in many cases it is very bad for us, with physical as well as psychological consequences. When does stress get too severe and does it become a different, worse problem? When does stress become burnout? This article answers the previous questions and explains the link between them. What... Read more...

Stress: consequences of stress and burnout

Written on 5 July 2015, door Mijn Kwartier
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We all experience stress sometimes, but at times you can have the feeling that you have been stressed for a long time without knowing how to deal with this. Most people do not want to feel stressed, yet are unable to let go of the stress. If you experience this, it is important to treat the stress and avoid it getting worse. Stress namely manifests at random times and does not simply disappear. In many cases stress accumulates to become a more serious issues, such as burnout. Read more here about... Read more...

What are the consequences of stress?

Written on 15 March 2015, door Mijn Kwartier
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Stress is rather innocent when it starts out. It can even make you more productive. For others, however, it has more negative consequences. Many people think that stress will go away after a while. Unfortunately this is not the case. What is best to do, is to deal with the tress. To explain why it is so important to take care of stress, we list some consequences of stress below. What are the physical consequences of stress? Stress has, despite its being a psychological phenomenon, many physical... Read more...