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Depressed? Characteristics-symptoms-test!

Written on 11 January 2016, door Mijn Kwartier
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When are you depressed? It is not easy to know when you are depressed. Furthermore, a depressed feeling is difficult to differentiate from several 'normal' phases of life which are characterized by insecurity. A help provider can often quickly check if you are or are not depressed. However, it is also useful for you to learn to be able to recognize alarm signals yourself. In this article, the most common alarm signals of a depressed feeling are summed up. How do you recognize a depressed feeling? A... Read more...

Depressed? Test your depression symptoms here.

Written on 30 August 2015, door Mijn Kwartier
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Depression and its symptoms are not always easy to recognize. Even professionals sometimes find it difficult to recognize depression symptoms. Depression symptoms are namely very similar to symptoms of other illnesses like burnout. This article has the goal of helping you to discover your depression symptoms and to make you aware of the different types of treatments for depression symptoms which exist on current markets. Also make sure to take the depression test at the end of the article. Depression... Read more...

Depression test? Test your depression via an online test.

Written on 19 August 2015, door Mijn Kwartier
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How do I know if I am depressed? Depression is not always easy to recognize, because it can show itself in different ways. For a trained doctor or psychologist a depression is more easily recognized, but for oneself it is often difficult to be sure of. Even more difficult is finding out if someone close to you has a depression. This article will give you some possible alarm signals to look out for. How do I recognize depression? Depression can show itself in different ways. A depressed person... Read more...