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Depression: why you deserve it!

Written on 12 December 2015, door Mijn Kwartier
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Of course I deserve a depression, because you have probably said that one thing to that one girl that one time which could have been interpreted in a wrong way. Maybe you should think about what you could have done differently all night, as well as about how to apologize. That is odd, you already apologized, but the girl did not take it the wrong way at all. But of course, you are in school. Within 2 minutes you will say something stupid again, which will cause you to lie away the next night, thinking... Read more...

Depression in adolescents?

Written on 19 July 2015, door Mijn Kwartier
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Depression in adolescents is not always easy to recognize. When you are in puberty, you go through many emotions. You get to know yourself, you form your own identity, ... In short, a lot happens in a short period of time. It is not unusual that these changes and dealing with these changes can be major happenings in your life. It is natural that you do not always know how to deal with changes in puberty. Sometimes these changes or other major events can contribute to the development of depression... Read more...

Depression test adolescents: Test your depression here as an adolescent!

Written on 26 June 2015, door Mijn Kwartier
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There are not many tests on the internet to test your depression as an adolescent. Depression in adults is namely different in some aspects when compared to depression in adolescents. It is also more difficult to diagnose a depression in adolescents than it is to diagnose one in adults. The symptoms can namely be interpreted in different ways. In the teenage years you are trying to find yourself, and your identity is not yet as strong as it is in adults. You are looking for who you are and what... Read more...