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Less stress through fifteen minutes of daily solution focused self-help for one month!

Written on 9 January 2016, door Dr. Paul Koeck
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Stress? Anxiety? Depression? Burnout? Hyperventilation? Addiction? Good news for doctors and healthcare providers: Less stress through fifteen minutes of solution focused self-help during one month! These are the results published by the Artsenkrant in September regarding its first anonymous solution focused self-help program according to the Brugse Model. The self-help program '15 Minutes 4 Me' was developed after initiation by Paul Koeck, MD. We developed this program for your clients.... Read more...

Hyperventilating: symptoms and treatment

Written on 15 December 2015, door Mijn Kwartier
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Hyperventilating is a result of major stress or anxiety, which seems to occur more and more often. Stress and anxiety also occur more often than a few decades ago. How can this be? THe modern society is so developed that you often hardly have to deliver any physical effort. While almost everyone used to work in the field all day, almost everyone is busy behind a desk now. You work with your mind all day, you exhaust your brain. When you then get home, there are but a few people who do sports or use their... Read more...

Hyperventilation symptoms?

Written on 2 December 2015, door Mijn Kwartier
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Everyone knows what hyperventilation entails. However, it is more than just breathing in and out quickly. How can you recognize the signs of hyperventilation symptoms? The story of several clients with hyperventilation symptoms started way back. They often have gone through a busy period of time where they experienced a lot of stress. However, it is only after this busy period, when they finally relaxed again, that they experienced a first attack. Because it is after a busy period, many people... Read more...

Hyperventilation and anxiety treatment with internet therapy or an online self-help program

Written on 24 September 2015, door Dr. Paul Koeck
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It has been raining questions about hyperventilation and other anxiety disorders these last few months. Sometimes it seems like an epidemic. It suddenly comes up and people keep walking around with questions as if there were a rational reason as to why you would start experiencing hyperventilation. There of course is a medical explanation. And luckily there nowadays are very good and simple solutions for this. Simple from the standpoint of the doctor. This of course does not mean that the patient... Read more...

’15 Minutes 4 me’ taken up in the international literature

Written on 27 July 2015, door Dr. Paul Koeck
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The self-help site '15 Minutes 4 Me' (www.15Minutes4Me.com) has been present for over three years, online Positive results were recently published in the international literature. Those who think that they are suffering from burnout, stress, anxiety, depression, tension, or hyperventilation, can take a self-test on '15 Minutes 4 Me'. Then they can sign up for the self-help program. By answering questions and taking on suggestions, the participant works on their problem. Through fifteen... Read more...

Hyperventilation? Test if online self-help or therapy can help you

Written on 3 March 2015, door Dr. Paul Koeck
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What is hyperventilation? Hyperventilation is a medical illness which is often seen in people who live under a lot of pressure or stress for a longer period of time. Hyperventilation is thus a stress bound illness or disease. To some extent you can say that everyone suffering from hyperventilation has some form of underlying stress. There are a few rare exceptions to this rule. In these cases a medical or biochemical cause can lead to hyperventilation. This is why the advice of your doctor is important. Who... Read more...