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Physicians testify

"When people tell me as their family doctor that they are following '15Minutes4Me.com', I am particularly struck by the fact that it has been a good help for them towards guidance, but also towards self-help to gain insight. People tell me "I get a number of questions that I think about, what I can work with, and what I can actually see, how I am evolving here"."

"What makes '15Minutes4me.com' unique is its online availability, which greatly lowers the barriers to following the self-help program on a daily basis. By combining a personalized approach with a strong story with content, one quarter of an hour a day suddenly becomes very meaningful."

"I recommend the use of '15Minutes4Me.com' specifically for patients who are exhausted or 'terrified' at work and can be approached cognitively enough. The website has also proved to be useful in anticipation of personal psychotherapy and complementary to already started psychotherapeutic consultations and coaching."

"I sincerely believe that the daily self-help program '15Minutes4Me.com' is a useful tool for a lot of people, especially in this COVID era.
People don't have to come out of their "home" for it, they can work on themselves at their own pace and it is a financially acceptable therapy.
As a general practitioner, I see in the progress reports that people are really making progress and they are drawing courage and energy from this program!"

"This daily self-help program '15Minutes4Me.com' has helped me personally and has also fallen into good hands with several of my patients. First personally, I let go of the negative thoughts at the moment I used it, and it has helped me to think positively, and to function better, both psychologically and physically. Secondly, my patients can follow it every day. One patient looked bad, but after a number of online sessions, I saw her jogging, active, physically because her brain worked better and thought more positively than usual."

"My patients experience their daily '15Minutes4Me.com' moment online as accessible, simple, fast, efficient and achievable because in just 15 minutes a day, in a quiet way, they see results, learn to think differently and start living the way they want to live, back to being the person they wanted to be and become for years."

"Every recovery process takes time. A daily support of one quarter of an hour helps to keep the focus on what is already going well. '15Minutes4Me.com' is an excellent programme for this.
The reactions of my patients who use it surprise me again and again."

"1 in 5 employees suffers a burnout.... What is clear is that it is exactly that 'multitude' of choices, that sooner or later threatens to crash in the amusement park of life. And that only making a few unambiguous choices can then - at best - help us preventively. Or disconnect, that's contemporary. Mindfulness, for example, disconnecting emotion from facts. Or through a self help program online: '15Minutes4Me.com' "
"From 'Borderline Times' p.219 by Prof. Dr. Dirk De Wachter."

"'15Minutes4Me.com' is very accessible. It requires smaller step than actually going to the therapist... In the end, much better than trying to follow a good self-help book. A book is something you read: it's fascinating and it seems useful, but you don't go through with it. You receive no feedback, no encouragement.
'15Minutes4Me.com' has a response and encourages engagement."

"Some people are not able, or do not feel able, for whatever reasons, to see a therapist in person. More and more people are looking on the internet for help, shelter, support, advice. They end up here in a jungle of supply and marketing. It is therefore extremely important to be able to distinguish between quality, empathic and efficient counselling and worthless setting up with sometimes deceptive intentions.
In this respect, I can recommend '15Minutes4Me.com' as a high quality and very reliable programme with very good results."

"Coronatijden hebben aangetoond dat psychische hulp op afstand een hulpmiddel kan zijn naast face to face therapie voor bepaalde patiënten en bepaalde gevoelens, zoals stress en angst. Als het even teveel wordt, zal vooral de zelfkennis die groeit uit het doorlopen van de dagelijkse sessie, een positieve invloed hebben op het welzijn van zowel jongeren als volwassenen."

"Mijn patiënten zijn vaak goed geholpen met het dagelijkse zelfhulpprogramma ‘MijnKwartier.be’ en dus overtuigt het mij om deze mogelijkheid online te blijven aanbieden. Hoe kan ik dit best omschrijven? Ik heb de ervaring dat aanvankelijk de klachten en het isolement met die klachten vooraan staan. Patiënten zetten een eerste stap door op consultatie te komen en hierover te praten, het is dan nog erg fragiel en breekbaar , ze zijn zelf zoekende en zitten in een bepaald raderwerk van denken."

Dr. Philippe Mast, MD, Urologist

Dr. Luc Isebaert, MD, Psychiatrist:

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Study World Congress of Psychiatry

Stress level decrease during daily Mental Training
Stress level decrease during daily Mental Training (median, n = 9291)
19th World Congress of Psychiatry, Lisbon 2019