Sometimes you can start sweating for no reason. You are just sitting in a chair or in front of the computer and start sweating. This can happen sometimes, but if it happens often it might be so that you have a high level of stress. It is normal to sweat when you are jogging or doing fitness, but not if you are not doing any physical exercise. In this article we will talk about the causes of sweating and what you can do against it.

Sweating: causes

Usually, sweating without physical exercise is caused by stress. In the past, stress had the useful function of preparing our body for danger. It prepared our body to be able to have a certain response more quickly. Nowadays we hardly need this response anymore, as we hardly ever are confronted with danger anymore. Still, we continue exhibiting stress, but then in an unhealthy way. You can get stress when your boss gives you more work, when you are fighting with someone, .... What has not changed, however, is our bodily reaction to stress. One of the symptoms of stress is the start of sweating. So this goes back to prehistoric times and has remained with us since then. Nowadays we do not need this response anymore, but our body does not know that. So, often when we experience stress, we will also start sweating. If this just happens occasionally, that is okay, but if it occurs more and more often, it is useful to deal with your stress.

Sweating: treatment

To treat the sweating, you can treat its cause: stress. This can be done with the help of our online self-help program. It can support you in your treatment of your stress, so that the sweating, too, will decrease or disappear after a while.

Sweating: do the stress test!

What  you could always do, is fill out our free stress test in order to see to what extent your stress might make it so that you start sweating. After filling out the test, you receive your scores right away!