Many people suffering from burnout often have a hard time admitting that it would be helpful to change something in daily functioning in order to live a healthier life. In fact, people with burnout often prefer to maintain a certain pace of performance even when they are at home because of burnout. They find it difficult to turn the switch and still want to check their mail or do certain tasks around the house.

In addition, it is (too) common for people with burnout to return to work and relapse. Why is this? One of the most commonly known explanations is the behavioral pattern of these mesnen. This is because people with burnout often have a way of functioning that is very exhausting for the mind and body. So if you think that burnout only affects our mental well-being, you are wrong.

Symptoms and consequences of burnout!

In fact, burnout can lead to a range of symptoms and consequences. For example, during burnout you may suffer from attention problems, as well as sleep problems and stress. People with burnout often have trouble falling asleep or have trouble sleeping through the night. In addition, prolonged stress linked to burnout can cause pain and even a difference in physical functioning. For example, burnout and stress is linked to headaches, diarrhea and is even linked to irregularities in our circulatory system.

Symptoms and consequences of burnout? The treatment!

If you suffer from burnout, it is therefore useful to identify what is overloading you personally and thus putting a strain on your body and mind. That way, you can identify negative as well as positive influences, which can help you address burnout symptoms and consequences. is an online self-help program that guides you daily from home in addressing burnout symptoms. The program gives you more info on burnout and helps you identify healthy interventions to reduce negative influences. This can help reduce burnout symptoms and reduce the likelihood of relapse. So sign up today and find out what you can do to effectively fight unhealthy symptoms and consequences of burnout!