Do you think you are suffering from depression? Do you recognize symptoms of depression in your daily behavior?

Depression is a mental illness that can occur in all low levels of the population. In some cases, there is a genetic component that makes us more susceptible to developing symptoms of depression. Nevertheless, depression can occur in anyone. So not only people with a genetic component can suffer from symptoms of depression.

Depression? When can symptoms of depression occur?

The causes of depression can be very diverse. For example, you can suffer from depression symptoms after being bullied for a long time, but depression can also occur as a result of a divorce. Often we can speak of some sort of traumatic experience that is at the root of the onset of depression symptoms. A traumatic experience can mean something different depending on the person. That is, what is a traumatic event for one person is not for another. So it is all about psychological experience and what this situation triggers in you.

Even after experiencing a traumatic event, depression does not automatically manifest itself. Your attitude toward the situation also determines a lot. For example, some people may react in a "healthy way," while others put a strain on the body and mind. For example, an example of an "unhealthy way of reacting" is brooding. This is because when we mull, our train of thought moves so fast that our brain does not have time to find a solution to the situation we are mulling over.

Depression? Treat symptoms of depression!

If you think you are suffering from symptoms of depression, it is useful to seek appropriate professional help. After all, the chances of the symptoms just disappearing are very small. However, there is a greater chance that symptoms of depression will get worse. developed an online self-help program, which guides you daily from home in dealing with symptoms of depression. It gives you a better understanding of the disease and teaches you what you can do to live a happier and healthier life. In addition, by becoming more knowledgeable about the disease and how you function, you can also engage in relapse prevention and reduce the likelihood of symptoms of depression occurring in the future.

So enroll today and take control of your life!