Despite migraine being generally qualified as a physical disease, it does have a basis in mental well-being. In fact, several physical, psychological and environmental factors can trigger a migraine attack. One example of a physical factor is hormonal changes. For example, women may suffer more migraines just before their periods. As a psychological factor, stress is probably the best known. For example, several people find that they suffer more migraines during stressful migraines. Finally, your environment can also have an impact on the outbreak of a migraine attack. For example, people who sleep too little or too much may get up with migraines or feel very exhausted during the day, which can trigger a migraine attack.

Migraine treatment? Possible treatments for migraines!

Migraines can be treated in several ways. For example, many people consult a neurologist to obtain appropriate medication. This can be very helpful and can have both an acute and chronic effect on the frequency of migraine attacks. Despite medication can have a major impact on migraine frequency, it is often not the only answer. People are often also helped by addressing underlying etiological factors of migraines. For example, some people start adjusting their diet; others provide more routine in their days.

However, treatment is not just limited to addressing physical - and environmental - factors. For example, many people notice a significant reduction in the frequency of migraine attacks when they reduce their stress levels. can help you do just that! is an online self-help program that guides you daily in reducing stress, living healthier and reducing pain. It is a customized program that helps you implement healthy habits into your daily life. Sign up today and find out what can do for you!

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