When people tell me as a GP that they follow '15Minutes4Me.com', what strikes me most is the fact that it has been a good help for them towards counselling, but also towards self-help to gain insight. People tell me "I get a number of questions that I dwell on, that I can work on and that I can actually see well, how do I evolve here.

What makes 15Minutes4Me.com unique is its online availability, which greatly lowers the threshold to follow the self-help program daily. By combining a personalized approach with a strong story, 15 minutes a day suddenly becomes very meaningful.

I specifically recommend the use of "15Minutes4Me.com" for patients who are exhausted or "terrified" at work AND are sufficiently cognitively approachable. The website has also The website has also proven useful while waiting for personal psychotherapy and as a complement for already started psychotherapeutic consultations and coaching.

I sincerely feel that the daily self-help program '15Minutes4Me.com' is a useful tool for a lot of people, and especially in these COVID times.I see as a general practitioner in the progress reports that people really progress and they and they get courage and energy from this!

This daily self-help program '15Minutes4Me.com' has helped me personally and has also been well received by several of my patients. First personally, I got rid of the negative thoughts at the time I used it, and it has helped me to think positively, and to function better, both psychologically and physically. Secondly, my patients can follow it all days. One patient was looking bad, but after a few online sessions I saw her jogging, active, physically because her brain was working better and thinking more positively than otherwise.

My patients experience their daily '15Minutes4Me.com' moment online as approachable, simple, fast, efficient and achievable because in just 15 minutes a day, in a quiet way, they see results, learn to think differently and begin to live again the way they wish to life, becoming back that person they have wanted to be and become for years.

Any recovery process takes time. A daily support of fifteen minutes helps to keep the focus on what is already going well. focus on what is already going well. 15Minutes4Me.com is an excellent program for this.

"1 in 5 workers suffers from burnout.... What is clear is that it is precisely this 'too-many' choices is what causes us to threaten sooner or later to crash into the amusement park of life. And that only making a few unambiguous choices can help us - at best - preventively. preventively - can help. Or disconnect, that's of our time. Mindfulness for example, disconnecting emotion from facts. Or via a self-help program online: 15Minutes4Me.com"
"From 'Borderline Times' p.219 by Prof. Dr. Dirk De Wachter"

The self-help program 15Minutes4Me.com is approachable. A smaller step than actually going to a therapist.... Ultimately much better than trying to follow a good self-help book... That you read, it's engaging, it seems helpful but... you don't engage with it. No feedback, no encouragement.
15Minutes4Me.com has response and encourages engagement.

Some people are not able, or do not feel up to it, for whatever reasons, to see a therapist in person. More and more are looking on the Internet for help, shelter, support, advice. Here they find themselves in a jungle of offerings and marketing. It is therefore of exceptionally important to be able to distinguish between quality, empathic and efficient guidance and worthless set-ups with sometimes deceptive intentions.
In this regard, I can recommend '15Minutes4Me.com' as a high quality and very reliable program that can present very beautiful results.

Corona times have shown that remote psychological assistance can be an aid alongside face-to-face therapy for certain patients and certain feelings, such as stress and anxiety. When things get a little too much, especially the self-knowledge that grows from going through the daily session, will have a positive impact on the well-being of both adolescents and adults.

My patients are often well served by the daily self-help program '15Minutes4Me.com' and so it convinces me to continue offering this option online. How can I best describe this? In my experience, initially the complaints and the isolation with those complaints are at the forefront. Patients take a first step by coming to a consultation and talking about this, it It is still very fragile and breakable, they are searching and are in a certain frame of mind. thinking.

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Stress level decrease during daily Mental Training Stress level decrease during daily Mental Training (median, n = 9291)
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