Paul Koeck, MD studied medicine, philosophy, and sports medicine at KUL. After his Management studies at the VLERICK School for Management, he followed different studies in system coaching, short solution focused therapy, and Ericksonian Hypnotherapy in Europe and the United States.

Paul Koeck, MD

He first established himself as a physician in Antwerp and soon his attention went from therapy to company coaching. He was intrigued by the question how people and systems can break out of vicious cycles of negative stress and inefficiency. Soon the realization grew that efficient therapeutic strategies could also have their use in company situations, not only for solving problems but also for developing leadership competence. Supported by the founders of the System therapy in the USA and by the positive feedback on his own lectures on international scientific congresses, he developed his own moden 'Solution Focused Management™'. Soon, SFM evolved to a general model for change management, which by now is being taught at several universities.

Paul Koeck is general director and founder of COACHTEAM® and the Center for Stress Guidance. He is specialized as a trainer, coach, and consultant in guiding through processes of change in companies, organizations, teams, and individuals.

He has lectured at several international scientific congresses and at different universities about his model SFM, Stress management and Solution Focused Coaching & Leadership.

Coachteam ® grew out to become an international company which guides leaders in organizations, teams, and companies worldwide in the building of their soluion focused leadership and coaching, and building a solution focused company culture.

Furthermore, initivatives for a personal coaching was also launched to the individual person.

The third pointer of Coachteam® is solution focused psychotherapy to help people with all kinds of stress related problems such as burnout, anxiety, depression, hyperventilation, panic, phobias, addiction, and many physical or psychosomatic complaints.

As a fourth pointer, Coachteam developed a groundbreaking solution focused online self-help program via the internet to guide people in solving stress, burnout, depression, anxiety, hyperventilation, and addictions to alcohol, nicotine, cafeine, gambling, internet, or food, among others. Information about this program can be found here on this website.


Interview on TV Oost with Paul Koeck, MD:

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