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Developed in collaboration with an international team of physicians, psychiatrists and psychologists, this program integrates the most successful scientifically proven protocols from:
  • Cognitive solution-focused therapy (SFT)
  • Cgnitive behavioral therapy (CBT)
  • Systemic and Family Therapy
  • Rational Emotive Therapy (RET or REBT)
  • Mindfulness
  • EMDR
  • Ericksonian Hypnotherapy
  • Self-management techniques from the Vlerick MBA program

You can choose how long you follow this program:
  • 1. To gain insight in which solutions can help you, you need about 1 month. If you think that is enough, you can unsubscribe and stop to continue your journey without our guidance.
  • 2. To practice these insights and skills until they become a new habit, you need another month.
  • 3. The third month you learn how to prevent relapse. If you feel you can continue on your own with this knowledge, you stop here. If you want to play it safe, we will guide you further.
  • 4. In the following months you can further strengthen your relapse prevention, while we offer you the opportunity to explore new paths in your life. Our experience is that around this time our clients experience a lot of joy and energy and are eager to get old life dreams they had long given up on back out of the slide. These life dreams can be both professional and private. So as you continue to work on deepening your resume prevention, you begin to clarify your new dreams and take action to make them a reality. We can guide you in this and you choose at what point you let go of our guidance. You do this by simply signing out electronically in your file. This happens fully automatically, so the control of this choice lies with you! We have both clients who only follow us for 1 month and clients who choose to continue to grow towards the realization of ever more ambitious dreams.

For people who follow this program daily for six months, the chance is incredibly small, to almost non-existent, unless something exceptionally dramatic happens in their lives. Sometimes it happens that dramatically unexpected circumstances such as the loss of a loved one or family member, for example, temporarily disrupt this new balance, and then you may choose to follow the first month of the program again to refresh your memory for your previous solutions. But this occurs only very exceptionally. The reason for this is that this program builds the self-confidence that you can solve your (daily) problems yourself. This explains why people practically never relapse deeply after this program. You will still have moments now and then where you almost threaten to relapse ... but you will know how to recognize and stop the process in time.

Currently the program is available in Dutch, French, English and Spanish.

Yes, a little bit, you need to be able to read emails and browse our website. We do not offer a service to help you with problems with your own computer, as we expect you to have computer experience. So if this is not the case, we recommend you to talk to a friend to help you get started.

No, it offers much more. Yes, this program also contains some e-learning modules, especially in the first part where we give you a little theory as background. However, the effect of this program reaches much further:
  • 1. This program helps you to reflect more efficiently on your own habits (thoughts, behaviors and feelings), with the aim of arriving at new insights and actions, which will also make you cultivate more pleasant feelings.
  • 2. Once you have that formula for success, we help you to practice those new habits until they become unconscious, automatic and natural.
  • 3. Then we teach you how to prevent relapse.
These last 3 objectives, you cannot achieve with e-learning alone.

  • 1. After about two weeks, most people see that the number of better moments begins to increase in small steps and that they begin to get a grip on their problem, albeit still with trial and error.
  • 2. By the end of the first month, it becomes clear how they can solve their problem, and by the end of the second month they begin to notice that these solutions begin to become a new habit provided they effectively do their daily exercises every day, of course.
  • 3. After about three months, most participants have the same effect as after successful psychotherapy.
  • Those who go on longer can prevent or immediately correct relapse themselves, whether or not in consultation with their life partner or close family. In this phase you will also discover that your energy is freed up to start totally new things in your life or to take up old - lost - dreams again and start realizing them.

  • 1. By asking solution-focused questions about
    • concrete solutions in the present and
    • what you want in your future (as soon as you are better).
  • 2. By focusing on what already helps and doing more of it.
  • 3. By discovering what does not work for you and to do less of that
  • 4. By building up self-confidence to look for solutions yourself
  • 5. By replacing ineffective habits with more useful ones
  • 6. By learning new skills
  • 7. By not unnecessarily digging into the past
  • 8. By learning to reflect and discover their own solutions
  • 9. By keeping it short and concrete

If you have a question while following the self-help program (a technical or content-related question), you can contact us directly through our built-in email system. All your questions and our answers are collected on 1 page in the FAQ. If after 10 days you still can't find the answer in the FAQ, please contact us again and we will make sure it will be answered as soon as possible.

Once your month is up, when you log in you will be directed to the purchase page to renew. At that moment you can decide whether you want to pay more or not. And of course you can always buy an extra month later and continue your program whenever you want. Your right to access and use the content expires as soon as the period you paid for has ended. You can buy an additional month at any time to continue the program where you left off last time. This is even possible after a few months or years break. You choose how much you want at any given time.

No, the program stops automatically after one month unless you decide to renew. So the control lies entirely with you because we think it's important that you choose how long you need the program, because you will feel that best yourself. There are many participants who have enough with one month, some prefer to follow the program longer. You can decide that at any time.

No, you can stop at any time. After the first period your access ends automatically. Afterwards you can choose to start a monthly or yearly subscription. For each automatic payment you will receive a message from us. You can stop your subscription at any time.

  • Fear: fears, fear of failure, phobias, hyperventilation, dizziness, fear of exams, fear of flying, agoraphobia, feelings of guilt
  • Stress: work stress, burnout, overworked, relationship stress, chronic fatigue syndrome
  • Depression: listlessness, dejection, helplessness
  • Physical complaints: migraine, tension headache, eczema, Meniere's disease, peptic ulcer, high blood pressure or hypertension
  • Personality: self-confidence, charisma
  • Grieving process: learning to cope with loss (break up of relationship, death)