Overcome your stress, burnout, anxiety or depression from your home.

Our mission is to help millions of people help themselves to live the life they want, with satisfaction and free of stress, burnout, anxiety or depression through our knowledge and expertise.We want to help people with stress, burnout, anxiety or depression help themselves live a happier life with satisfaction for themselves and their beloved ones.

Our online program will help you:

  1. discover new solutions.
  2. explore which choices do help you and which don't.
  3. repeat the best solutions until they become spontaneous habits.
  4. anchor those habits until you can prevent relapses.

So that you will again:

  1. be satisfied and enjoy your life.
  2. be able to help important others and make them feel happy.
  3. live your life the way you want.

Why choose for our online self-help?

Our computer program is personalized and developed by Physicians.

We are 7 days on 7, 24 hours on 24 online. You do not need to make an appointment. There are no waiting times. You log in whenever you want.

You coach yourself online 15 minutes per day during 1 month. If you want you can later still opt for a longer period.

You help yourself from your living room at home. No tiring journeys!

You can attend the program alone or ask a friend or family member to assist you. We will make sure that they will be able to understand and support you better.

How does online self-help work?

You will learn how to focus on what works for you and do more of it, and do less of what is not helpful.

You will get more self-esteem and as a result you will search for solutions and discover how to solve things.

How? The program offers:

› Theory for a good insight and understanding that you can solve your problem

› Solution Focused Questions

› Exercises in self-control to stop negative thoughts

› Assignments to learn to look at yourself from a more distant perspective

› Videos with exercises

› Graphs to visualise your own solutions

› Weekly progression report for your physician (if you want)

› Weekly scientific test to monitor your evolution