Psyche and Brain publishes '15Minutes4Me'

Dear Psyche and Brain reader,

I am glad that you follow my series of articles "15Minutes4Me" in Psyche and Brain! To make it easier for you to effectively do the exercises from this series, I will prepare a worksheet for you each time on this page which you can download. In some articles, videos will be available in which i will show you a practical exercise, so that it becomes easier for you to learn this. I wish you good luck in the applying of these exercises, and I hope to someday be able to welcome you on our online self-help program "15Minutes4Me" which goes much deeper.

Download your worksheet for the article in Psyche and Brain

  1. Confidence: Dutch worksheets for the article "Confidence in 3 months"
  2. Charisma : Dutch worksheet for the article "Charisma in 30 days"
  3. Worrying: Dutch worksheet for the article "Stop Worrying"
  4. Assertiveness: Dutch worksheet for the article "Assertive limitiation of who you want to become"
  5. Addiction: Dutch worksheet for "Free from addiction"
  6. Hypnosis: article about "Hypnosis in traditional medicine"

Video with exercises for the article in Psyche and Brain

3. "Stop Worrying": The thought-stopping technique by Fliegel: link

4. "Assertive limitation of who you want to become" an example of the 5-step method

Online self-help program ""

Additional to the articles in the rubric "15Minutes4Me" in Psyche and Brain, you can follow the online self-help program "15Minutes4Me" for quicker results.

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Furthermore we invite you to test yourself for free to see if stress influences your confidence or charisma.

Paul Koeck, MD