Do you think you suffer from depression and feel like you just can't get out of it? Many people with depression think that it is "just the way it is" that they feel depressed. In fact, many think or fear that this is how they are going to feel for the rest of their lives. In addition, depression is often linked to feelings such as guilt and shame. This can keep people, who desperately need help, from seeking help.

Depression? What can I do?

In addition to feelings of guilt and shame, many people think they have no choice in what happens to them. For example, you go to school and get into an argument with a friend. It may then occur to you that you feel it doesn't even matter what you do, because the outcome remains the same: argument. This can also apply to seeking treatment for your depression. Many people think it won't help anyway or they're never going to get out of it.

Figures, however, prove otherwise. Every year, for example, a large proportion of people with depression are helped through professional help. This can be through psychotherapy, medication or a combination of interventions, for example.

So it is helpful to realize that there are actually actions you can take against your depression. Even if you are discouraged by your symptoms or possibly by other people, you have a choice about what you do about your depression.

However, for many people, going to counseling is a big step. So it is helpful to look for a help you feel comfortable with. For example, if you know of a psychiatrist through an acquaintance and think this would be a good idea, you can try this. Have you gone to see a counselor, but don't feel completely comfortable. Don't give up your search and go over your options to find someone you feel comfortable with.

Should the step to a counselor still be too big, there is also always the option of getting help from home. is an online self-help program that uses therapeutic techniques to support you daily from home in dealing with your depression. So take the step today and discover what you can do to incorporate more happiness into your life.