One of the biggest misunderstandings about mental illnesses is that they only happen to "weak people". You know, people without a backbone or people who do not know how to stand up for themselves. People who lack a strong character and who do not push themselves enough. If you are looking for burnout symptoms, you are likely to have a strong negative opinion regarding the statements above. This is completely justified. People who experience a mental illness or suffer from burnout symptoms are not weak. They do not have burnout symptoms because of a lack of spine. If you are not yet convinced of this, it might be good if you read this article.

Burnout symptoms? Why are you not weak?

People with burnout symptoms or other symptoms are not weaker than other people. To vouch for this statement, we will explain the development of mental illnesses. A mental illness can develop when a combination of a major event and a poorly adjusted coping style occurs. With a major event we mean an even which has affected the balance of your daily life. This can range from a divorce to increased pressure at work. The most important thing is the way in which your mind and coping style respond to this event. Ergo, the way you deal with the event. To give an example of how burnout symptoms develop we can consider pressure at work increasing, and responding to this by wanting to do everything perfectly. When pressure at work increases and you need to respond to this in an appropriate way, you will not help yourself by wanting to do everything in a perfectionist way. You do not have time for that. With this we do not mean that the colleague who is able to deal with the pressure necessarily gets more done, but rather that this person has chosen a better way in which to deal with this work.

Burnout symptoms? How do I deal with them?

You should not consider it to be your fault if your coping style is not correct, but what you can do is alter it, so that it helps you move forward. You can use your own advantages and capacities in order to create a suitable coping style. This can effectively deal with burnout symptoms. The online self-help program 15 Minutes 4 Me is based on therapeutic techniques which help you to change your habits and to effectively deal with burnout symptoms.

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