It was long thought that mind and body had nothing to do with each other. However, less is true. Mental symptoms and mental health can have a major impact on our physical health. One of the biggest culprits is probably stress. In fact, stress affects several bodily functions and is also at the root of several mental problems.

Stress? Physical symptoms!

First, stress affects pain. This is because stress can not only cause pain such as headaches or neck pain, but can also cause us to focus more on pain that is present. This can then bring down your quality of life.

In addition, stress can lead to overstimulation of the brain, which can cause memory and concentration problems. This is a very well-known problem in depression, for example. We can also observe the above phenomenon if, for example, your workload is increased. Often you will take longer to perform the same task if you suffer from stress. Difficulty remembering tasks, for example, is also not an exceptional reaction as a result of stress.

As mentioned earlier, stress is at the root of several mental complaints. Depression, burnout and even anxiety are based on experiencing stress. For example, stress characterizes panic attacks and can trigger fear of anxiety. With the latter, you get fear of anxiety symptoms because they are perceived as very unpleasant.

Stress and stress reduction? The treatment of stress!

Since stress is often triggered by mental factors, it is useful to respond to this to address stress. For example, you can think about what generalizes stress in you and why. is a self-help program that helps you discover your stress. It guides you daily in better understanding personal stress mechanisms and what you can do to live a healthier life.

Stress? Take the stress test!

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