Depression is known as a psychological disorder. It mainly has consequences on our state of mind and emotions. Depression is characterized by a constant sad mood. This is one of the main points to be present when speaking of depression. Furthermore, body and mind are linked. Depression affects the brain, but there are several other physical consequences of depression, too. We sum up several of the physical consequences of depression here.

Can headache be seen as one of the physical consequences of depression?

Headache is one of the most characteristic physical consequences of depression. We namely worry all the time. This puts a lot of pressure on our head. We feel exhausted, but still we cannot stop the spinning thoughts in our head. It can even go as far as to develop some type of tension headache. This is headache which develops from stress and tension in the neck muscles. Even migraine can be a consequence of depression. This migraine will mainly be triggered by over exertion and stress.

What is the influence of depression on motoric functions?

The slowing down of motoric functions can be one of the physical consequences of depression. It can be so that you speak or even react more slowly. You are namely in some type of apathetic state, in which everything around you becomes blurred. Your reflexes will therefore be slower. You also lose a lot of energy. This is another one of the physical consequences of depression. This is why you will feel less like responding or talking. These functions will thus work more slowly.

Will I have a decreased need of sex?

Yes, depression is linked to lessened sexual needs. This is something which goes under the category physical consequences of depression. Our libido is reduced and we do not want to do anything anymore. Sex makes you feel good and meanwhile, you physically exert yourself. These two functions are affected in people with a depression.

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I want to test if I am depressed

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