A question which we often ask ourselves, is: "What is a solution for depression?" If you speak to psychologists from different schools of psychology, each one will give you a different answer. Still, we can recognize some common basic elements. Below, some of these basic elements will be summed up

Solution for depression: changing factors

What many people think is that you have to deal with the factors which trigger depression. For example, your boyfriend hits you. Then you can change this factor by ending the relationship, for example. Dealing with the factors is indeed a good option. If you are abused in your relationship, something will have to change. Not making any changes is not a solution for depression. People have an instinctive need to be happy. That is why it would seem logical that, if they are not happy in a situation, they will try to change this situation. Changing triggering factors is an important solution for depression. But what if the factors, which lead to depression, are the person's characteristics?

Solution for depression: changing thoughts

In other cases it is not possible to change the situation. The triggering factors of depression sometimes namely are the characteristics of other people. For example, your boss is constantly cursing at you. In this case you might keep trying, but often your boss will not change their behavior. In this case there is another solution for depression: changing your thoughts. If it is difficult to change anything else, you can at least change your view of a situation. Often, the above situations can lead to a depression because you put a certain value on the situation For example, you feel miserable because your boss curses at your. It could be different. You could for example think that the opinion of one person does not define you. WIth such a response, you do not let your boss bring you down, meaning your risk to get a depression becomes smaller.

Solution for depression: behavioral activation

Another option is to take away your focus from your mind. A typical characteristic of depression is a negative flurry of thoughts, which keeps going through your head. A solution for depression could therefore be to get out of these thoughts by focussing on your body instead. This can be done by doing something physical. An example could be going for a walk. Because you are physically active, the change that the negative thoughts take over becomes smaller. Behavioral activation could mean that you learn techniques like the one that was just mentioned. Some schools of psychology give tips to treat triggering situations or factors in a different way.

Solution for depression: get started

We have summed up several solutions for depression now, but what can you do with these? With those ideas in mind you can get started. Think for yourself about which factors are bound to your depression, and see if any of the ideas above might be applicable to these factors. What is a possible solution for your depression?

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What if I am depressed?

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