Fatigue is a commonly occurring problem. Sometimes, fatigue can be caused by a stressful period in life, where you do not have a lot of time to sleep. Examples of such periods could be moving, a promotion at work,... In itself, fatigue is something that tends to pass. Yet, fatigue can be hurtful for your body and mind even in small doses. If you are fatigued due to a stressful period of time, the effect will likely be smaller on your fatigue than in case of one caused by a depression. Yet, despite the cause of your fatigue, it is useful to treat your fatigue. Only in a short period of time where you experience low levels of stress, the symptoms and consequences can be managed to some extent. In any other type of fatigue, the symptoms can be present for extended periods of time, which can have a large effect on your body and mind. It is not only stress which can cause fatigue, but phenomena like depression, anxiety, and burnout too. The longer you wait with dealing with your symptoms of fatigue, the more time you will need to actually treat the symptoms. Furthermore, stress can also evolve into worse complaints it is not uncommon that fatigue partakes in the development of a burnout.

Does fatigue have any psychological consequences?

No. Fatigue does make you more vulnerable to illnesses. If you are fatigued, chances increase that you might fall ill, because your immune system becomes less strong. Furthermore, you experience pain to a more intense degree and become more emotional. Fatigue can thus affect you to a large extent.

How do I treat the different types of fatigue?

As mentioned earlier, the rule goes: the faster you treat your symptoms, the more quickly they will disappear. Stubborn symptoms take more time to treat. 15 Minutes 4 Me offers an online treatment, which guides you daily in treating your fatigue. Therapeutic treatment has shown to be effective in research in the treatment of fatigue symptoms. Some people also opt, in the beginning, to take sleeping medication to aid their treatment. This can make it so that you notice the effects of the treatment more quickly. Do note that this sleeping medication can cause withdrawal symptoms, and that it is no long-term solution.

Test your fatigue symptoms!

At the hand of our free stress test you can check which symptoms of fatigue are applicable to you, and how this fatigue affects your life.