Phobia is another word for disorder, which is associated with anxiety. A phobia thus is an extreme form of anxiety, where we can consider a disorder to be present. A phobia will namely introduce a certain type of suffering when you come into contact with the situation which triggers the phobia. There are many different types of phobias. The causes, consequences, and symptoms of one and the same phobia can also differ from person to person. So, if you find information on the internet about your phobia, this often is a generalization of a type of phobia. This therefore does not regard your personal situation or experience when it comes to the phobia.

How does a phobia develop?

A phobia can develop in different ways. The most well-known cause of a phobia is the experiencing of a major negative event, to which you react with anxiety. In a sense it could be so that you no longer want to travel with public transport since you had a bad accident with a bus once, for example. Once a phobia might be present, we also often consider a generalization of the anxiety. This means that the anxiety does not limit itself to one situation, but will further develop, so that there are more and more situations which can trigger the phobia after a while.

What are the possible consequences of a phobia?

A phobia each time causes a significant suffering, which differs from person to person. Often, people who have been diagnosed with a phobia will also experience depressed symptoms. The phobia might namely make it so that you no longer can do the things which you liked to do. Furthermore, relationships can start to suffer from the phobia. A phobia thus can affect different parts of life in different ways.

How do I treat a phobia?

A phobia can be treated at the hand of a therapeutic intervention. This means that you can reduce your phobia and anxiety at the hand of behavioral and though re-structuring. 15 Minutes 4 Me is an online self-help program which makes use of such therapeutic techniques in order you help you on a daily basis with the reduction of your anxiety and phobia.

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