Fatigue seems to be a problem that occurs in all walks of life and all over the world. This is because fatigue symptoms have different causes, such as psychological problems, for example, but also changes in seasons, physical causes,.... Thus, it is not always easy to identify exactly what has brought about fatigue symptoms.

Despite the different causes behind fatigue symptoms, we do see certain patterns of fatigue in people, namely fatigue symptoms as a result of our emotional state. That is, fatigue is linked to:

  1. How we handle difficult, (everyday) situations in our lives
  2. Our mood

For example, you may not sleep as well due to stress, which in turn brings on fatigue symptoms. In addition, feeling gloomy can, for example, make it harder for you to sleep and make you feel restless, which in itself can also trigger fatigue symptoms.

Fatigue symptoms? You're weak!

So experiencing fatigue symptoms has nothing to do with whether or not you are a weaker person than someone else. Despite your free choice in how you handle difficult situations, this does not mean that you are weak. You have simply chosen to react in a different way, a psychologically unhealthier way in the long run, to difficult situations such as arguments, work pressure, exams, family problems,....

Of course, this is not to say that stress or feeling gloomy are not natural responses to difficult situations. However, if you keep this up over the long term, they can affect your psychological and physical well-being by triggering fatigue symptoms, for example.

Treating fatigue symptoms? How to get started.

Since your reaction to difficult situations still remains your choice at the end, you also have the choice to do something about your symptoms and your fatigue symptoms.

15Minutes4Me.com is an online self-help program developed by doctors and psychologists with the intention of guiding people from home in addressing several symptoms such as depression, stress, anxiety and fatigue. By following the program for 15 minutes a day, you will learn how to reduce fatigue, incorporate more healthy habits into your life and also engage in relapse prevention so that you are less likely to feel fatigued in the future!

Recent research shows that after one month with My Quarter, the average participant:

  1. experiences more than 50% less stress
  2. feels 40% happier

Fatigue symptoms? Take the test here!

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