Since the start of your career as a teacher, you have known that it is best to divide your attention among the children in your class, because every child has specific needs. Not every child requires the same care as the next, and when you have to take care of a class full of students as a teacher, this can be very difficult. Especially teachers in special educations have to approach and treat every child in a specific way. But all teachers know how difficult it can be so look at your class in general and then take care of the specific needs of each child. This can sometimes be too exhausting, which can cause stress or a burnout. Read here about how to work with the specific needs of children, without losing sight of the entire class.

Children with special needs?

In general you will notice that children do not differ a lot when it comes to the needs of each child. They are all namely of roughly the same age and are therefore in the same developmental phase, which means that their needs will all be very similar. However, how you can fulfill these needs in each child, can differ from child to child. A class has an average of around twenty children. As a teacher it can thus be rather difficult to keep an overview of 20 children, without losing focus for individual needs. And if you spend more time with one child, for example, it might be so that the rest turns jealous. There are some tips about how you can deal with this, for example by involving a parent, but in spite of these tips it can be so that the care sometimes becomes too much fr the teacher to take, which can cause stress or a burnout to develop.

Children with special needs? Deal with stress and burnout!

Stress while you are teaching is never good. It affects you, because you find less relaxation and you notice that you will respond differently or need more time to finish things, but it is also difficult for the children, because you will no longer be able to give them the care which you want to provide for them after some time. Stress is namely not like certain physical illnesses, for example, which might just go away by themselves. Stress must be treated. 15 Minutes 4 me developed an online self-help program which can help to treat stress in teachers and also helps you in finding solutions for your problems, such as: how do I deal with specific needs, without it getting too much for me or me losing my overview of the class?

Children with special needs? Take the burnout test!

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