Depression seems to be increasingly common. Often people who suffer from it are convinced that they are weaker than others or less resistant to difficult moments than others. However, this is not true. Depression has nothing to do with weakness or being less resistant to difficult moments, but shaping your life.

Depression? How do you shape your life?

How we tell and shape our lives has a major impact on our mental health. Every day we make hundreds of choices that push our lives in a certain direction. If you are then asked to describe important moments in your life, it will probably be different for everyone. Even if these moments overlap. You may even find that if you ask the same person this question at different times, you will get a different answer each time.

How we perceive our world greatly affects our mental health and coping mechanisms. So depression has to do with your view of a particular situation and how you choose to respond to that situation. If you subsequently fall into depression, it does not mean that you have made the wrong choice, but that the response you have chosen to exhibit is too exhausting for your mind and/or body in the long run. At those times, it may be helpful to go over your schedule of choices and possibly consider a different response.

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