Consequences stress can include many different consequences. One more extreme than the other. It mainly depends on the level of stress which you experience and how long this stress has been present, when it comes to knowing what the consequences stress might be. Furthermore, the symptoms which you experience are a useful indication to build on.

If the stress adds up and is present during an extended period of time, chances are that the symptoms of stress will become worse and turn into another mental problem. Not all types of stress have the same consequences stress and therefore it is very useful to look for the symptoms considered in this article.

Consequences of stress and their treatment: a first step has been taken!

A first step into the right direction is something which you have already taken. Looking up information is often a first step which can help you in the treatment of consequences stress. It can also help you to prevent consequences of stress.

Because consequences stress can entail so many different consequences stress, we give you some of the most common consequences stress here, so that you can see what it is that might happen if you let your stress go untreated during an extended period of time.

You are no longer yourself

I hear many people say 'I have not been myself for some time now'. Consequences stress namely mean that you have the feeling of being trapped, which can lead you to sometimes do things which are not in accordance with your personality. For example, you might have been a quiet person in the past, but you now get frustrated very easily because the stress asks so much from you. Below you can read a testimony by a mother, who noticed that she had lost herself in the stress.

I found it horrible. It is not easy to find a job and often they make you do the work of 2 to 3 people at once. I did not know what I could change about it. My job stressed me out so much, but I did not know what to do to reduce the stress. Quitting was no option either, because I needed the money. I am a family woman. I love to see my children, but lately our bond has seemed to deteriorate. They both study and when I get home, I want them to help me. Oftentimes I do not even know where to start myself, which means I often find myself snapping at them. I am just tired and I want someone to help me. Still, I do not want them to do all the work, because I am their mother and I should take care of them. However, because of my snapping, cooking together already goes wrong after just a few minutes. I often tell them that I do not really want this, but it is not their task to help me.

Frustrations can add up and because of increasing issues, people often no longer see a way out. The worrying adds up, meaning they can no longer think clearly and quietly. Do you experience this? Then it is useful to look for help. In many cases symptoms namely get worse, meaning it is useful to take a break and actively look at how you can treat these symptoms.

Depression as a consequence of stress?

Consequences stress also include depression. Worrying, frustrations and memory loss can all add up, meaning depression symptoms might be caused after some time. Because you have the feeling that you are trapped and you do not know what to do, you can start feeling somber after a while. You tend not to want to actively do things anymore after a long period of stress, either. Depression is unfortunately a common consequence of stress, which you can treat at the hand of professional help.

Burnout as a consequence of stress?

Burnout is also one of the common consequences stress. After a while you become burned out and end up in overdrive, meaning burnout symptoms occur more and more frequently. Burnout thus lies beyond stress and often occurs after you have worked too hard and too intensively for a while. You have stressed your body and mind too much, for which you now pay the price.

What can I do to deal with consequences stress?

Except for recognizing risk factors stress and consequences stress, it is useful to actively look for help. In most cases, symptoms do not disappear by themselves, and you will need to actively treat them. The online self-help program "" can help you with this. Research has shown that participants experience 70% less stress on average after 3 weeks, meaning they slowly but surely become themselves again.

Would you like to know what your stress level is? Then take the free online stress test here!