Many people grab their own necks and try to massage it. Neck ache often occurs and can be triggered by many different things. Neck ache does not always have the same cause, and it can be useful to know its cause before trying to treat the neck ache. When it comes to causes of neck ache there are both physical and psychological causes. We put some possible causes from each category in a list below and also describe how you can treat this neck ache.

Neck ache: physical causes

Neck ache can be caused because something is going on in your body. For example, you might have a poor sitting position when you are at your desk, meaning it is difficult for your neck to carry your head. After a while, the muscles in you neck tense up to carry the weight of your head, which can cause neck ache. Furthermore, migraine can cause neck ache. Because your head hurts, your neck might tense up, which causes neck ache. Also, some people suffer from neck ache when they are ill. Your body is then fighting the illness, which often leads to muscle tension.

Neck ache: psychological causes

Except for bodily causes, there also are several psychological causes which can make it so that your neck is used too intensively, causing  your neck muscles to tense up. An example of this is stress. Stress can cause muscle tension and the neck is often the first spot where you experience pain caused by stress. This muscle tension can cause neck ache after a while. Neck ache can also be caused by depression. You constantly worry, which over-uses your brain. Because your neck often takes over this pain, the muscles in your neck tense up, meaning you get a neck ache. Anxiety can also cause neck ache. When you experience anxiety, you have a bodily reaction so you can respond to this anxiety. Your muscles tense up so you can more quickly respond to danger. This can lead to neck ache.

Neck ache: treatment

To treat your neck ache you can, for example, follow the online program by ''. The program helps you to deal with your stress, depression, or anxiety, all of which could cause your neck ache. If you deal with your stress, depression, or anxiety, your neck ache can decrease after a while.

Neck ache: do the stress test!

If you want to know to what extent stress, depression, or anxiety might play a role in your neck ache, then do the free online stress test! The test takes about 5 minutes and will give you your personal score right when you are done.