Stomach complaints can indeed be a symptom of depression. Stomach complaints can namely appear after some time, because your body is also affected by the depression. Generally, a depression only is manifested in a mental way, but in many cases people also experience physical symptoms of depression. Stomach complaints are an example of such physical symptoms of depression.

Can stomach complaints only be explained by depression?

Stomach complaints do not solely belong to the physical symptoms of depression, but can also point at issues with anxiety, or even severe types thereof. If you exhaust your body for an extended period of time, your body will react to this. In some cases, this can lead to stomach complaints. In other people, it can lead to headaches, for example.

Who is most sensitive to stomach complaints?

There are some people who are more sensitive to stomach complaints and therefore to other physical symptoms of mental problems than others are. First of all, children are more sensitive and therefore they have larger chances of experiencing, for example, stomach complaints. There also are studies which have shown that teenagers are more vulnerable to headaches. If your body is not yet done developing, it can be so that you are at larger risk of developing stomach complaints Furthermore, people with a weakened immune system also have larger risk of stomach complaints. An example of this would be older people, or people with a chronic disease. Such people have larger risks of getting stomach complaints, because their immune system is weakened already. These people therefore also have larger chances of falling ill, or other physical issues.

How can I treat stomach complaints?

If stomach complaints are caused by a depression, you can treat them by dealing with your depression. It is useful to also visit your doctor, prior to the treatment of depression, so that they can determine the cause of your stomach complaints. The online self-help program by 15 Minutes 4 Me can help you further in the treatment of your stomach complaints and your depressed complaints. The program works at the hand of therapeutic techniques and supports you daily, to strengthen your positive improvements.

Stomach complaints? Test your depression symptoms!

If you want to know if your stomach complaints might be caused by depression symptoms or other mental issues, you can take the free online depression test here.