Burnout is a common consequence of extreme pressure at work. It often is so that people who are perfectionists and put a lot of pressure on themselves have a larger chance of developing burnout than others do. Because of the pressure they put on themselves combined with the pressure coming from work, chances are large that these people will get a burnout. It is therefore useful to know the symptoms of burnout, so that you can eventually recognize these symptoms in yourself, colleagues, or employees. Read more here about how burnout at work can develop, what the symptoms are of burnout at work, and how you can treat burnout.

Burnout at work: symptoms of burnout

Burnout usually develops in busy periods. This means that the first symptoms appear in periods where there is more work, or many deadlines. Furthermore, too few employees or a sudden increase in responsibilities/work are also possible causes of the first symptoms of burnout. burnout at work will usually show itself at first because these people become more irritable and in one way or another show that it is all becoming too much for them. This does not always need to be done verbally, but can be shown because of constant sighing. You will notice that it takes more time before something is done or that these people forget more and more things. Sometimes it can also be so that people get crying fits or are easily agitated. That they respond negatively when you ask them to do something.

Burnout at work: treatment of burnout

In many cases, burnout is caused by a combination of own pressure and pressure at work., Sometimes you will ask the question why other colleagues have no burnout or why they deal differently with work. It can be so that they have a different way of dealing with this pressure and that they are protected from burnout in a better way than you are with your approach. To treat burnout, it is useful to follow a program which teaches you habits which can protect you from burnout. If you get a burnout, it is useful to change your current habits and approach, because these do not protect you enough. 15 Minutes 4 Me is an online self-help program, which is based on cognitive behavioral therapy, which guides you in the treatment of your burnout, as well as in burnout prevention or relapse prevention. You can thus even follow the program when you think you are at risk of burnout, or after you are cured from your burnout.

Burnout at work: take the stress test

You can fill out the free online stress test at any point if you want to know what your level of stress is and if you are at risk of developing a burnout.