Depression is well-known. Its different types, however, are less known. Lately you hear more and more about manic depression. Manic depression is a type of depression with many similar characteristics. Yet, manic depression is very different from depression. Read more here about the symptoms and the treatment options for manic depression. You will also find a bipolar test at the end of the article.

Bipolar test: symptoms of manic depression

Manic depression is the same as depression, but with manic episodes. It is indeed so that you feel the same in a depressed episode as you do during a depression. You are constantly unhappy, cry a lot, worry much and you will notice that you have issues with memory. You often do not want to get up in the morning and cannot get yourself to do a lot. During a manic episode, the opposite of that in a depressed episode happens. You have the feeling like you can take on the world, are constantly happy, and want to do a lot. In some cases, people with bipolar disorder also get aggressive. In many cases, people with manic depression suffer from financial issues, which are highlighted during the manic episodes. In these episodes, people with bipolar disorder namely want to do a lot and they often think that they have money, while they do not have that in reality. People in manic episodes spend a lot of money which they do not have, which makes them more depressed during depressed episodes. This does not only occur in cases of small amounts of spending, but these people rather buy lots of large things, so that it is nearly impossible to get out of debt again. When they then realize what has happened during the manic episodes, they will often become even more depressed. During a manic depression, the manic episodes are shorter than the depressed episodes. A depressed episode can easily take months at a time, while manic episodes rather take 2 to 3 weeks.

Bipolar test: treatment of manic depression

If you have a manic depression, it is useful to get in control of your depressed episodes, to make sure that the lowest points are treated. 15 Minutes 4 Me developed an online self-help program which guides you in the treatment of depression. It helps you to create new habits, which help you get in control of your depression.

Bipolar test: take the depression test

Would you like to know to what extent you experience depressed symptoms? Then take the free depression test. The test takes about 5 minutes and lets you know what your depression levels are as soon as you are done.