Antidepressants are prescribed more and more often. From research it has been shown that it can be a useful source of help in the treatment of depression. By combining therapy and antidepressants, you can namely reach a quicker result. But antidepressants are not always useful. Sometimes they do not help at all, or even have negative side effects. At the end of the day it remains your choice whether or not you want to take antidepressants, but you can keep the following tips in mind in your choice of whether or not to take antidepressants.

Antidepressants? Use of antidepressants in genetics

Forms of depression which are caused by genes, are often the more severe types of depression. With 'genetically caused' we mean that there is something in the DNA which triggers depression. It does not necessarily mean that you will get a depression just because you have a genetic predisposition, but it can be a factor. These types of depression are more difficult to treat, as they are more severe and take more time. With these types of depression, antidepressants are often recommended as a supporting treatment when in therapy, and sometimes it is even used to continue the positive development after treatment.

Antidepressants? Use of antidepressants in minor forms

In depressions which have only recently developed or which only just have enough symptoms to be speaking of a depression, treatment is often easier than genetic types of depressions. With the necessary motivation and proper perspective, most of these depressions can be treated without antidepressants. It can also be so that the depression is more complex than originally thought, which means that antidepressants might be considered after all.

Antidepressants? Should I take them or not?

That choice is yours, and yours alone. You have the best insight into your won capacities to deal with the depression. However, do consider the advice which your doctor gives you, they are the person who can recommend you the most suitable treatment, whether it is with or without the use of antidepressants. In this article we already took up the advantages and disadvantages of antidepressants, but it was also said that it is your choice at the end of the day. Sometimes we are asked questions like "I do not want to take medication, what do I do now?" What you already know, is that antidepressants can be a huge help in some cases, and with some depressions it is even necessary. When you are speaking to your healthcare provider (doctor, psychotherapist, psychiatrist,...) about what the best treatment would be for you, and you really do not like the idea of antidepressants, you can always ask them if there are any other options. They will give you the best advice they can. In the end of the day it is definitely your choice, but it is useful not to disregard their advice.

Antidepressants? Online self-help?

The online self-help program '' leaves the choice regarding antidepressants with you. The program namely supports you in discovering your own possibilities and how to use your sources of power in order to get rid of your depression. Whether you use antidepressants while using this program, too, is something best discussed with your doctor. The final choice is of course yours, but they know your history and can therefore advice you.

Antidepressants? Free depression test!

Except for the program, '' also offers a free depression test which will tell you your level of depression in just a few minutes.