Do you notice that you feel more fatigued lately than you normally do? Do you sleep poorly or have trouble falling asleep? Fatigue is not always easy to recognize. Sometimes you think it is only temporary, or that it is normal to sleep poorly for some time. However, fatigue can become problematic and lead to other psychological and physical consequences.

Fatigue? Tips for fatigue?

Thus, it is useful to spot fatigue early on, but also to know how to treat your fatigue, in order to avoid more severe symptoms. That is why we provide several tips for fatigue below.

The first of the tips for fatigue is validating sleep quality over sleep quantity. Many people think that they will feel less fatigued if they get to bed early. The opposite is true, however. If you suffer from fatigue, you will likely stay awake in bed for hours. Furthermore, this creates a negative spiral because your bedroom is no longer associated with sleeping. It thus is useful to mainly focus on improving the quality of your sleep.

A second tip for fatigue is to try to reduce the stress in your daily life. Oftentimes psychological complaints such as stress, depression, and even anxiety are at the root of fatigue, which makes it so that you are looking for tips for these complaints.

This is something that 15 Minutes 4 Me can help you with. The program guides you daily in reducing your unhealthy habits, whether these are cause or consequence, in order to make room for healthy habits. These habit changes can help you to deal with psychological complaints such as stress and fatigue, but also with physical complaints that result from psychological issues.

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