Do you often feel fatigued? Do you feel like your fatigue increases and that you cannot even relax during your spare time? Fatigue complaints can often add up and cause you not to sleep well anymore, not even on days where you can actually sleep in. Fatigue is a type of vicious cycle, which often can only be broken out of by dealing with the underlying cause of the fatigue complaints. This article describes fatigue complaints and symptoms of fatigue. Furthermore, it will sum up the most common causes of fatigue complaints and what to do about them.

Fatigue complaints: symptoms of fatigue

Often it starts with a bad night of sleep. You cannot fall asleep or you wake up often during the night. In most cases, this first sleepless night is caused in a period of time where you are under a lot of pressure or experience a lot of stress. You can no longer relax and both your body and mind feel restless. You also have issues with focusing in this period, or with keeping an overview of the things which you need to do. These are results of stress or fatigue. You will often notice that you cannot handle as much as you used to and that you get angry more easily. To complete the vicious cycle, it often is so that you find it difficult to relax when you actually have the time to, such as during a weekend or spare time. You keep thinking of the things which you are supposed to do or what you could have done instead of resting.

Fatigue complaints: causes of fatigue

Fatigue often developes at times where we are under a lot of pressure or experience a lot of stress. At those times, when you are in bed, you start worrying. It can even be so that, even when the stressful period is over, you keep thinking of what you could have done better or what you still have got left to do. Once this cycle has started, it is difficult for most people to get out of it by themselves. Fatigue complaints are thus often caused by stress and the respond which results from stress. Because we get issues with our sleeping, it becomes more difficult for our body and mind to recover. Your deep phase of sleep namely helps you to physically recover and your REM-sleep will help to mentally process all impressions of that day. If you experience stress, you might not sleep as deeply, meaning you do not get enough of these phases to feel rested. After a while, this burden increases and you experience fatigue complaints.

Fatigue complaints: treatment of fatigue

If you want to deal with your fatigue complaints, it is useful to treat the underlying reason for your complaints. You will then notice that, after a while, the complaints themselves also decrease. The online self-help program on '' will help you to deal with stress, which can be the reason behind your fatigue. It will help you to decrease stress and to create habits which cause less stress.

Fatigue complaints: do the stress test!

If you want to know to what extent you experience stress and if this stress can have an influence on your fatigue complaints, then you can always fill out the free online stress test. This test will tell you to what extent you experience stress, as soon as you have filled out the test.