Migraine has become a more and more discussed topic lately. First of all, migraine was not recognized as a reason for illness by employers, or medication of migraine was not reimbursed by most instances. In the past, little was known about migraine. Also, people without migraine found it difficult to understand how intense the headache is, and what someone with migraine has to go through. In many cases it is not immediately clear that a migraine is at play. To give an example of this: headache caused by allergies can seem a lot like migraine, because the sinuses are overwhelmed hear, causing a headache which often is at one side of the head, as one of the nasal cavities is clogged. In this article, we will describe the symptoms of migraine, migraine medication which is available, and possible treatment of migraine.

Migraine medication: symptoms of migraine

Most people who suffer from migraine experience headache at one side of their head. This is not always at the same side, and can vary from person to person. In many cases, people with migraine can feel an attack coming on after some time, because they already experience a light pressure in their head when getting up or at other times. During the day, this often gets worse until a migraine attack takes place. If you have such an attack, in many cases it is difficult to keep working, or to even just function normally. Most people then need to lie down and want to sleep until the attack passes. People with migraine often also cannot stand light during an attack and have balance issues. In some cases, people with migraine even have to throw up.

Migraine medication: possible types of treatment for migraine

There are different types of medication against migraine. What medication is prescribed to you, often depends on the person or the type of migraine. What is odd, is that over 60% of people who experience migraine, also experience tension headaches. Tension headaches are caused by psychological disorders such as stress and anxiety. Even if you do not experience tension headaches, stress still often worsens migraine. 15 Minutes 4 Me developed an online self-help program which guides people with migraine in treating their stress, so that their attacks and other symptoms of migraine can reduce.

 Migraine medication: take the stress test!

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