Work pressure and work stress are concepts that are often used. These refer to the pressure and stress, which we experience at our work, due to our work. This stress can ultimately lead to the development of burnout. Burnout is characterized by fatigue and feeling overworked. For years, has focused on treating burnout. Thanks to you can reduce stress up to 77% in one month. Using the online self-help program, you work on yourself for 15 minutes every day.

There are also many other types of resources you can consult if you want to know more about work pressure and work stress. In fact, there are many articles on these topics. In addition, there are different types of counseling, where you can find out something more about work pressure and stress. There are forms of assistance that focus on psycho-education. In these sessions psychological disorders or problems are explained more clearly and completely. There are various forms of assistance that offer this psycho-education. Think of self-help courses, workshops, lectures,... .

Workshop on work pressure by Dr. Koeck: what?

Dr. Paul Koeck, the man behind, will soon be giving a workshop where the following topics will be discussed:

  • Why is the workload in the media so high?
  • How do you prevent mental fatigue or burnout from too much stress?
  • What are the effects of stress on your health and how do you best deal with it?

In this workshop he offers solutions to work and plan more efficiently. Furthermore, stress prevention, stress management, giving and receiving feedback and the importance of a good work-life balance are discussed.

Workshop on work pressure by Dr. Koeck: for whom?

This workshop on work pressure is organized by Mediarte and is intended for journalists and people working in the media. The workshop is mainly about how to deal with stress in the media.

Workshop on work pressure by Dr. Koeck: when?

The workshop will take place on Wednesday 23 April.