The Lancet: Mental Health @ Covid

The Lancet reported a dramatic increase of mental symptoms among population during quarantine, being e.g. low mood (73%), irritability (57%), psychological distress (34%) , trauma (28%) , fear (20%), sadness (18%), guilt (10%), insomnia, depression, PTSD, …. Even more dramatic , were scores among  medical professionals in the front line: 73% scored high on stress-related-symptoms, 51% scored high on depression, 45% on anxiety, 36% on insomnia. Coronavirus Covid-19 takes its toll.

Coronavirus overloads therapists

Therapists and mental health workers are overloaded, or in quarantine themselves, unable to see or help all those who need professional mental health care.

e- Solution under Covid Quarantine

The Solution Focused daily online self-help Program therefore expanded its services for Covid-19, quarantine or loneliness-related mental health issues or stress, while starting a research protocol to evaluate effectiveness of Solution focused Self-help for those patients.

How to refer your patients?

If you want to refer some of your patients to this daily online Solution Focused Self-help Program, you can refer them to start with the free online Self-test at / 

New 'Covid-19' e-Research

We now start a research project to evaluate how patent results under Quarantine stress, Coronavirus stress or Covid-19 related stress evolve during our daily online Self-help Program, in comparision with our previous 10.000 patients analyzed before this worldwide crisis.

will report you our research results back as soon as we treated over 100 patients during 4 weeks.

@ 19th World Congress of Psychiatry

Previous research on close to 10.000 patients - from over 100 different countries, in 3 different languages - was presented at the  19th World Congress of Psychiatry 2019 in Lisbon, showing a normalization of stress levels within 21 days with an average stress level decline of -56% in 21 days or -70% in 49 days as you can see in the graph

The full program consists of 3 stages after the free self-test and registration

  1. The “Stress Reduction Program” where participants daily resolve their stress, discovering healthy habits
  2. The “Consolidation Program” where participants entrain daily healthy solutions into stable relapse preventive habits
  3. The “Lifelong Monitoring Program” monitoring participants every 6 months to reassure they stay on Track. Whenever new stressors emerge they are re-invited into the daily active program again until resolution.