Stress. More and more pressure is put on students in all types of education. As a student you often notice that you get more and more tasks to do, and that there are more and more tests to complete. Where does it stop? You are already studying a lot as it is, and now there is even more added to that. How can you deal with this? Many students experience stress because of this. Their heart starts to beat faster, they cannot relax, and they find it difficult to study anymore in some cases. Of course, this can have a large influence on your grades or your rest. Stress namely in many cases also makes it so that you find it difficult to sleep, or that you cannot fall asleep as easily anymore.

Stress at school? The symptoms of stress?

Physical symptoms

If you are stressed, you find it difficult to relax. This goes for both your mind and your body. Stress will namely cause your heart to start beating faster and cause your muscles to tense up. This is not exactly a relaxing feeling.

Psychological symptoms

Also, stress can make it so that you constantly think about the things which you have left to do, or that your thoughts simply race through your head. You start to worry, which is something which also is not so good for your grades.

Stress and sleep

These feelings also influence your sleep. You will notice that you no longer sleep as well as you used to, and that you often are tired when you get up.

Stress and immune system

Stress can also make it so that you fall ill more easily, or that you start to cry more frequently. In many cases, students do not know how to get rid of stress or how to deal with it. Stress is important to deal with, as in many cases, tasks and tests will keep piling up if you do not deal with your stress.

Stress at school? Dealing with stress!

To deal with stress, you can follow the online self-help program by 15 Minutes 4 Me. THe program also contains explanation about how you get stress and how to deal with it. The program can also be followed by children, as long as they are 12 years of age or older, and sometimes can get some help from their parents to explain some words and phrases.

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