As the days get longer and longer, people often go to sleep later and get up earlier. Thus, the adjustment of the seasons can also bring about a change in habits. For example, during the transition to winter, many people tend to sleep more because they feel tired. Then, with the transition to summer, many have loads of energy, which causes people to sleep shorter on average than during other seasons.

Despite this being a normal occurrence, it is helpful to pay attention to still get enough sleep. Since people go to sleep later, this also means that many people are more active during the day. During stressful periods, however, this can lead to fatigue.

Fatigue? The symptoms!

A sleep routine can potentially help eliminate symptoms of fatigue. In fact, fatigue is frequently the result of a problem falling asleep or even sleeping through. This not only causes you to sleep less, but also makes it more difficult to get into deep sleep. This can affect how refreshed you feel when you get up.

Many people with fatigue complain that they still feel tired when they get up. This can greatly affect performance and even mood during the day. For example, people who are tired often take longer to complete a particular task and are often more sad.

Fatigue? The treatment!

Should your fatigue persist over a long period of time and you notice a significant effect on your daily life, it is useful to seek professional help to reinstall a healthy sleep pattern that will help you get up refreshed. is an online self-help program that uses therapeutic techniques to help you discover how to live a healthier life.

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