Everyone knows what hyperventilation entails. However, it is more than just breathing in and out quickly. How can you recognize the signs of hyperventilation symptoms? The story of several clients with hyperventilation symptoms started way back. They often have gone through a busy period of time where they experienced a lot of stress. However, it is only after this busy period, when they finally relaxed again, that they experienced a first attack. Because it is after a busy period, many people do not quite understand what has happened. Hyperventilation symptoms can also be very scary. Often, people find it difficult to understand what has happened, which can cause anxiety. They namely feel like the have lost control.

Hyperventilation symptoms?

Below, we sum up the hyperventilation symptoms which you can experience during an attack as well as outside of an attack.

  1. Feeling of loss of control
  2. Fainting or feeling weak
  3. Sweating without effort
  4. Feeling faint or empty in your head
  5. Panic complaints
  6. Turning away

Anxiety caused by the symptoms? Fear of fear is also quite normal. Anxiety regarding the symptoms means that you experience the hyperventilation symptoms to be so awful that they cause anxiety. You thus become afraid of experiencing the hyperventilation symptoms again in the future. This, in turn, can lead to hyperventilation symptoms.

Hyperventilation symptoms? How do I deal with them?

Because you are in some sort of vicious cycle, as you experience anxiety regarding the hyperventilation symptoms, which in turn can lead to more symptoms, it is difficult to just get out. Anxiety, in most cases, requires an active, therapeutic treatment. Here, the vicious cycle is broken and negative thoughts, associated with the hyperventilation symptoms and the anxiety, are re-shaped into positive thoughts. 15 Minutes 4 Me offers such treatment. The program contains therapeutic techniques, which can help you every day to break out of the cycle. Would you like to what extent you experience hyperventilation symptoms? Then take the free anxiety test here!