Asperger is a less well-known type of autism. The syndrome of asperger is a type of autism, and many symptoms are alike in both. Yet, there is a large difference. The symptom of asperger is namely characterized by a normal to high IQ. The syndrome of autism is characterized by a low IQ. Between the both syndromes there thus is a large difference when it comes to IQ. In this article, we sum up asperger characteristics as well as possible treatment methods of asperger.

Asperger characteristics: symptoms of asperger

As mentioned earlier, the syndrome of asperger is characterized by a normal to high IQ. This is the largest difference to autism. Furthermore, the symptoms are the same, but the IQ is of such importance that it makes it so that people with asperger or autism have a different way of showing their symptoms. Just like with autism, people with asperger have difficulties with communication or with talking to people. This can show itself in different ways. FOr example, they meet someone new, or even when they have known people for some time, it remains difficult to talk to them. Why is this? Because people with asperger or autism have difficulties speaking their mind or even find it difficult to understand certain rules of communication. When someone has died, for example, they do not really know what to say or how to respond. And what is the normal timeframe to show your support to this person? For people with asperger this is difficult to know. The difference to autism is that these people have a higher IQ, which means that they will more easily understand certain rules or that they find it easier to find certain patterns in some conversations. For this reason, the syndrome will be less obvious in people with asperger than it is in people with autism. Also, people with asperger have difficulties with flexibility. When they then have understood rules, they find it difficult when there are changes to it. At those times they can sometimes get mad, because they do not understand why the rule is not being followed. On this, IQ has less of an influence than on the issue with communication, but still, people with asperger can learn what other options are when it comes to expressing their anger in a socially acceptable way.

Asperger characteristics: treatment

People with asperger often experience stress, and this worsens their symptoms. It is therefore useful to deal with this stress, so that their symptoms can reduce. Those who experience less stress, also find it easier to think logically, and to think more of that which they have learned about anger or communication. 15 Minutes 4 Me offers an online self-help program which can help you in the treatment of your stress. Also, it contains modules which can teach you new communication techniques.

Asperger characteristics: take the stress test

To know to what extent stress can have an influence on your symptoms, you can at any time take the free stress test!