It is time again soon for the period of the re-exams. Just like the two other exam times, the time of August-September brings high levels of stress for many people. Healthy stress can help you to perform and move forward. Unhealthy stress on the other hand can stall you a lot and make it so that you cannot make use of your full capacities. For example, unhealthy stress and re-exam performance anxiety can make it so that you have a black-out or that you cannot focus properly. Re-exam performance anxiety occurs more often than you think. Many students hardly sleep, cannot focus, have mood swings,... When speaking of re-exam performance anxiety it goes beyond just stress, it rather is about anxiety symptoms which you negatively affect you.

Re-exam performance anxiety? How do I know if I suffer from re-exam performance anxiety?

Just like with other types of anxiety, re-exam performance anxiety can give you a paralyzing feeling which slows you down. You keep questioning yourself and you have a constant fear of failure. Once confronted with the test or the exam it can be so that the anxiety symptoms take over. You might start to sweat, have a faster heart rate,... you could even have a black-out. Healthy stress gives you an extra push to study a little longer or a little harder, but will not make it so that you are stuck in a constant state of worry or anxiety. This re-exam performance anxiety can also make it so that you get mood swings. You could for example be very sad or irritated at times when you need to 'perform'. Re-exam performance anxiety can lead to the avoidance of studying, which in itself can increase the re-exam performance anxiety, as you need to take the subjects again and again. Another consequence could be over-performance, which in some cases even can lead to burnout.

Re-exam performance anxiety treatment? How do you treat re-exam performance anxiety?

If you suffer from re-exam performance anxiety, it is good to look for a way to deal with this performance anxiety. Professional help such as given at 15 Minutes 4 Me can help you with that. At the hand of therapeutic techniques you will learn how better to deal with stress, as well as how to deal with your performance anxiety. You learn how to effectively prepare for exams, tests, how to make summaries, and so on without wasting time. Furthermore, the program helps you with dealing with the general problem, namely anxiety and stress, and to replace unhealthy habits in these situations with healthy habits for your mind and body.

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